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Mirianne's Home is a house that can be found on the east side of Beregost in the group of houses that contain the Thunderhammer Smithy. It is the two-story house with the dark blue roof and the partial fence around it. Generic home six is to its right and generic homes five and seven are situated behind it. The front door is visible when highlighted and is unlocked.

On the ground floor, Mirianne can be found standing in the living room near the fireplace. There are no lootable containers on this floor.

The second floor is populated at night by a sleeping man and a sleeping woman in the small bedroom and a sleeping man in the big bedroom. Both lootable nightstands in the small bedroom are empty as are the two nightstands in the big bedroom. The chest of drawers is locked(40) and contains a Silver Necklace. The bookshelf contains a copy of the History of the Chosen of Mystra.

Side quests[]