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Mirianne is one of the inhabitants of Beregost. Her blue-roofed house is on the eastern edge of town, just north of the Thunderhammer Smithy. She is worried about her husband Roe, who is on a business trip to Amn.

Take care of yourself out there, friend.

Side quests[]


  • My husband had to make a sudden business trip to Amn and I'm so worried for him. "Mirianne," he always said, "Mirianne, who knows the road better than old Roe?" But the highways just aren't as safe as they once were and there hasn't been a messenger from Amn here in months. Could you keep your eyes open along the southern roads and let me know if you find anything?
  • Oh, thank you for such good tidings. Please, let me give you this ring to keep you safe in your travels.