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Miranda is a single mother in the Temple District of Athkatla during the events of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. During the day, she can be encountered outside of the Temple of Talos, where a scene plays out in front of the party.


At the intersection of walkways between temple area buildings (2440.2700) you might witness a scene where Miranda, along with her daughter Lanie, confronts a Priest of Talos named Talon Nirkhas. Evidently Nirkhas has "no memory of the event" having been "deep into [his] cups that eve." Miranda insists that Nirkhas "take responsibility for your child, foolish man," after which Lanie complains "Mommy, I don't like this daddy. I liked my other daddies better." Naturally, at the little girl's comment, Nirkhas is surprised, and Miranda embarrassed, saying that it was "A simple mistake" and scolding her daughter "You are SUCH trouble, girl!"

After all of this, Talon Nirkhas makes a fast get-away!

If a male party member talks to Miranda, she will accost him for Child Support:

"You! I know you! This child, here, is yours!! It is time that you paid your dues for your foolish behaviour!!"

This gives a few options on just how to respond to her demands. If a female party member talks to her, Miranda becomes defensive:

"And just what are you looking at? A woman has to make a living."


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