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Minthara is a Lolth-Sworn Drow Paladin and a possible companion in Baldur's Gate III.


  • Leave act 1 without having killed her or knocked her out
    • Post Patch 5 alternate method:
      1. Rescue Halsin but do not take him with you.
      2. Go to Minthara and make her "temporarily hostile" by stealing something or attacking someone near her other than her. (At this point, you can no longer take a long rest until step 7.)
      3. Knock her our with non-lethal damage.
      4. Kill Dror and Gut. (Gut may be killed in advance if it does not alert the goblin camp, but killing Dror in advance is not allowed for this method.)
      5. Return to Halsin and tell him you have dealt with the leaders.
      6. Return to the grove (fast travel OK)
      7. Take a long rest and attend the party.
  • You will meet her again at Moonrise Towers, allow her to be taken to the prison.
  • Go to the prison, you will find the stairs to the prison in the room next to the throne.
  • Once you enter the prison, she will be on the room to your left being tortured.
  • Start the conversation, ask the torturer what are they doing, pass an intimidation check telling them that you will take over and enter Minthara's mind.
  • Help her break free and kill the torturers.
  • Escort her out of Moonrise Towers, she will start a conversation, tell her to go to your camp.
  • Once you talk to her in your camp, she can join you as a companion.

Banter (SPOILERS)[]

Minthara and Lae'zel[]

When walking by the Society of Brilliance in Baldur's Gate[]

  • Minthara - "The Society of Brilliance! These preposterous fools love to meddle in Underdark affairs - they are most amusing."
  • Lae'zel - "Amusing? Wherein lies the humor?"
  • Minthara - "They seek to promote peace between species through mutual understanding. Ha."
  • Lae'zel - "Even my people know the value of a carefully crafted coalition, Minthara. Is our own alliance not a case in point?"

At the Guild in Baldur's Gate (during Jaheira's quest)[]

  • Lae'zel - "Two sides, each itching to draw blades against the other."
  • Minthara - "The sensation is contagious. Which should we oppose?"
  • Lae'zel - "Either or both, so long as I get to spill blood."


  • Choosing to raid the grove with Minthara will make you miss three potential Companions. Karlach and Wyll will leave your party if you already recruited them while Halsin will never join you and will even attack you at your camp if you did not kill him before. You can still recruit her while avoiding losing Wyll and Karlach by simply leaving act 1 without having killed all three goblin leaders or raided the grove, but you still miss out on Halsin, who is meant to be mutually exclusive with her.
    • Post Patch 5 alternate method: You can recruit all companions. Halsin and Minthara will share a tent location.
  • Minthara claims that her Paladin oath is the "Oath of Vengeance", sworn to kill all enemies of Lolth before she joined the cult of the Absolute.