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With Aerie[]

Minsc: Ahh, this land is fine... but I wish I could show Boo the fields of Rashemen. We could run free through the snow... ah, though Boo would look some kind of funny in a drift, I tell you this. Ha ha!
Aerie: You are from Rashemen? I had—I had thought such a land was the stuff of fable.
Minsc: No, it is as real as Minsc, though even larger! It lies far in the direction of the sun at morning. Ah, but it has been long since I left it.
Aerie: Why would you ever travel so far from home? I—I was torn from mine and had no choice.
Minsc: I was on my dajemma, a journey to prove my manhood! Oh, we were a pair, me and my witch! I was to watch over Dynaheir and bring her home in... in safety.
Oh, Boo, I can never return to Rashemen! I am proven unworthy! I am no man, and you are no hamster... we are lost! Oh the sorrow!
Aerie: Oh, don't cry. You and Boo have fought bravely! Who could count the foes you've vanquished?! Dynaheir would be proud of you...
Minsc: You have been good friends, you and <CHARNAME>... Minsc would ask something! Will you be my witch, Aerie? Boo and I are nothing without a witch...
Aerie: If you will be my guardian, Minsc, I shall be your witch. Your dajemma has not been for nothing, and Dynaheir's death shall not go unavenged.
Minsc: My sword, my soul, my hamster... all of these I pledge to... to Aerie, my witch... HEAR THAT, EVIL?! MINSC HAS A NEW WITCH! WOE IS YOU!

When Aerie dies and is resurrected :

Minsc: You are okay, Aerie? ... Boo tried his best to save you.
Aerie: Oh! You and Boo did all you could, Minsc... Oh, cheer up, you two—I'm back, aren't I?
Minsc: Wine, everyone! Song! The witch lives!

When in a forest :

Aerie: Isn't the... Isn't the forest wonderful, Minsc? All the birds flying about, making you dizzy!
Minsc: Boo likes the forest, but Minsc? Oh, every time Boo plays in the leaves, Minsc has to give him another bath.
Aerie: Haha! But Boo likes his baths too, doesn't he?
Minsc: Of course he does, and it makes him squirm so much that I fear losing him. If he got loose... I worry what such a powerful creature would do if left unchecked.
Aerie: Well, just make sure you don't clutch him too firmly, Minsc. Give him some... some space and room to grow.
Minsc: Aye, and when we face a foe, I shall show them his pointy teeth!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: Minsc, why don't you tell me a little about Rashemen? You've talked about it before, but never described it... and I've never heard anyone else mention it at all.
Minsc: This is because Rashemen is a very far ways away. Once, Boo kept track for me of the number of steps I have taken since beginning my dajemma, but *sigh* Boo has since forgotten.
Boo claims that the number is very large. Larger, maybe, than the number of butts that Minsc has deservedly kicked along the way. I find this hard to believe, even though Boo is usually very reliable in these matters.
Aerie: Yes... so Rashemen is very far away. But what sort of place is it? Did you like it?
Minsc: It is a wonderful place with many fields. It could only be better, maybe, if every ranger of the Berserker Lodge had his very own hamster. Just think of the implications!
Aerie: But what of the witches? You said Dynaheir was a witch, right?
Minsc: Yes, Dynaheir was a good Rashemaar witch. But I am not so certain that the witches have need of their own hamsters. Dynaheir never approved of Boo... she used to glare at Boo so, it frightened him sometimes.
Aerie: *giggle* Oh, never mind, you big galoot.

Throne of Bhaal only, if Aerie has become Minsc's witch :

Minsc: Aerie! Boo has been mulling over a question for you. Never have I seen a hamster concentrate so! He has been so very quiet I thought perhaps I rolled over on him last night, which caused me great concern.
Aerie: If "Boo" wishes to ask me a question, Minsc, then he should feel free to do so.
Minsc: But Boo's question is of such a personal nature... well, the thought of it makes me blush right down to my buttocks.
Aerie: I... see. Perhaps Boo should ask me anyway to get it off his chest. We... wouldn't want a hamster to bottle up all that anxiety, now, would we?
Minsc: You are very insightful! Such bottling could lead to all sorts of un-hamster-like explosions! Well... Boo wonders why you do not perform all your duties, since you are our witch?
Aerie: My duties? I thought you were supposed to protect me... I didn't know there were any duties involved. And what's so personal about this?
Minsc: Well... a Rashemani witch accompanies a ranger on his dajemma and teaches him the lore of herbs, among other things. Well... Minsc and Boo have discovered a need of some of this lore, maybe.
After frolicking in a bush that we now consider to be of suspicious nature, both Boo and I have contracted the Calishite itch in rather... private places. A salve would be most joyously anticipated!
Aerie: I... I... ah, I'll do what I can, Minsc.
Minsc: Many thanks, Aerie! Soon, maybe, Boo can return his little mind to thoughts of butt-kicking instead of butt-itching, and I for one shall be very relieved!

With Anomen[]

Throne of Bhaal only, if Anomen didn't fail his test :

Minsc: So, Anomen, Boo and I had a question about the lodge you seem to hold above all else.
Anomen: If by "lodge," you mean the Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, I will answer as best I can.
Minsc: Yes, that is the one. You view it with as much respect as I give the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge of my homeland. If they are similar in their intent, we might seek to join.
Anomen: You?
Minsc: Yes.
Anomen: And your... hamster?
Minsc: Yes.
Anomen: I... don't think you would enjoy it, Minsc. No, while your heart is certainly good, I think you would chafe within the... ah... discipline of the Order.
Minsc: Boo understands the tone of your rejection, though he is confused as to why organizations of good intent must always ride atop the *ahem* pole of righteousness.

With Cernd[]

Minsc: Cernd, you are akin to nature as I am. Why did you not take up the blade to fight? I do not think I would have the patience you do in battle.
Cernd: The great oak might crush a building when it falls, but the sapling that seeps its roots through the foundation will stop the building in the first, lest the cellars leak and fungoids take the builders.
Minsc: Confused looks from all sides, but Minsc understands!

Minsc: Flowers are beautiful, aren't they, Boo? I wish there were more to see.
Cernd: I see you have an appreciation for the small things, Minsc. You see the power in their simple nature.
Minsc: I don't understand much that is complicated, but the trees and the flowers are music to my eyes. Boo prefers the calm of the forest, though he suffers my company.
Cernd: Ahh, you are his tree amidst the cities and people, and despite your bending and bowing in the wind, you are his stability, as I suspect he is yours.
Minsc: No, he is my hamster. You talk in circles, Cernd, but that's okay. Boo runs in them.

Minsc: You are not as serious as many druids I have met, Cernd. Some even disapprove of me because I am... I am... I'd... hmm... I don't really know why. Boo will not tell me either.
Cernd: The great wind that shakes the tree causes many that dwell there to fear for their safety and curse the bluster. The same wind will cause many a nut to fall, and in this the forest is renewed, providing even more space for those that fear.
Minsc: You could just say you don't know. Boo makes more sense, and he does not have thumbs.

With Dorn[]

Minsc: Boo says he doesn't fully trust you, half-orc.
Dorn: Your hamster should have more faith.
Minsc: Giant space hamsters aren't easy to fool.
Dorn: I'll do everything in my power to prove myself worthy of your hamster's trust.
Minsc: You will? Good. That's good.
Dorn: Madness...
1. Player: I'm surprised you didn't cut Minsc's head off.
Dorn: The madman's more entertaining alive.
2. Player: That was a remarkable—and uncharacteristic—show of restraint.
Dorn: There's no joy in matching wits with the witless.
3. Player: He's insane, but he has his uses.
Dorn: A man with no fear can be a useful tool indeed.

Minsc: Boo says—
Dorn: Get out of my sight or by all that's unholy, I swear I'll eat your rat for breakfast!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: Cease your whistling, Rashemi, before I end your halfwit existence once and for all.
Minsc: Ahh, Dorn. Even you must sense the cheer in the air!
Dorn: Your blood will join it if you don't cease that infernal noise!
Minsc: Minsc and Boo would like to see you try! We would whistle all the while as we stamped your bones to dust!
Dorn: You are nothing more than a child. I've better things to do with my time than argue with you.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: The price of flesh is obsession, Minsc. I've been obsessed, smitten, bewitched, and taken by many things, but the only rodent in my pants doesn't squeak when I touch it.
Minsc: Your words are strange, wizard. Stranger still are the thoughts behind them. Er, stand back a step if you don't mind. Boo has expressed a dislike for your company, and I cannot say I am surprised...
Edwin: The rodent speaks to you? Verily, I've a rat in my trousers that speaks a peculiar dialect as well, usually involving transactions of coin and copious volumes of wine. You are truly a gift of the ages, Minsc.
Minsc: Your words baffle, though I am certain some insult has taken place. Keep your distance from this one, Boo. He is definitely unstable.

Edwin: Is the hamster speaking to you now, Minsc? Are his thoughts entertaining?
Minsc: I am quite used to people mocking Boo. It no longer bothers either one of us. Laugh if you will, but Minsc hears what you cannot.

Edwin: And you wield a formidable blade indeed, warrior. Tell me, Minsc, what is the opposite of a lesson?
Minsc: Opposite of... lesson... less on... more on! The opposite of less on is more on! More on? Do you dare to insult me once again?!
Edwin: 'Tis your self-fulfilling prophecy, Minsc. I don't talk to hamsters, although my mouse does have a disposition of fair renown in certain select locales.

Edwin: Minsc, what breed of rat is Boo, hm? A seafaring wharf rat? The fruit-eating country vole? Perhaps the sewer-dwelling city weasel?
Minsc: The Red Wizard risks great harm. Boo is sensitive, and may not just go for the eyes!
Edwin: You threaten with your vaunted combat prowess? The same esteemed skill that failed miserably to protect Dynaheir from harm's clutches?
Minsc: You pick at old wounds, wizard! Continue to press and I shall make you some fresh ones!
Edwin: She was a timeworn and weather-beaten barwhore, Minsc. The lowest class of spent working-girl rubbish.
Minsc: You are one step away from wearing your lips as a collar, wizard! Withdraw your foolish words!
Edwin: Not likely, cretin. I only observe, not change, the nature of people or their beasts.
Minsc: Then you shall pay the price for your "observations"! Those that speak ill of the dead shall join them! May you spend eternity with Dynaheir's foot in your loins! *attacks Edwin*

If Edwin has been turned into a woman as part of his quest :

Minsc: Boo does not understand. It is not as though the scoundrel will be missed, but... where has Edwin gone, and who is this woman that wears his clothes?
Edwin: I will not be scrutinized for the sake of your rodent! Mind your own concerns, you stone-headed oaf!
Minsc: Such a temperament! Fire in her belly and not afraid to spit in an eye! It reminds me of the fighting women of my homeland! Ah, sweet lady, you bring me tears.
Edwin: Tears indeed! Stand away lest I bring you a fireball as well! (Such suffering I must endure! The pain behind my eyes does grow steadily!)

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: A question, my hound and hamster... why is it that you come into such rage when we fight? 'Tis as if all the furies of the planes were all at once let loose within your veins!
Minsc: Boo says fight hard, so I fight hard.
Haer'Dalis: Ah, Boo says that, does he?
Minsc: Space hamsters are never wrong!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Minsc: Haer'Dalis, are you laughing at Boo and I? You are smiling after many of our battles.
Haer'Dalis: *chuckle* Oh, my dear Minsc, you and Boo are wonderful, make no mistake. So chaotic, so unpredictable. Such a fist in the eye of sense and reason.
Minsc: Uh... but mostly evil, right?
Haer'Dalis: HA! Yes, Minsc, mostly a fist in the eyes of evil. Do not let me change a thing you do.
Minsc: Boo, I think this bard is a little off in the head, no?

With Hexxat[]

Minsc: Are you sure...? She's—well, you know.
She SEEMS nice, yes, but still—vampire.
Hexxat: My ears are burning.
Minsc: No, they aren't.
Hexxat: You mentioned a vampire.
Minsc: I was talking to Boo.
Hexxat: Ah. I see. And what did Boo say?
Minsc: Boo says you aren't what you seem.
Hexxat: Few people are. Your miniaturized giant space hamster is wise.
Minsc: You... RECOGNIZE giant space hamsters?
Hexxat: Of course.
Minsc: Boo is right. You aren't a normal vampire.
Hexxat: I try not to be. They're rather unpleasant creatures, as a rule.
Minsc: Maybe it's all right that you're with us after all.
Hexxat: You thought otherwise?
Minsc: Well. You're a vampire.
Hexxat: I understand. And what does Boo think?
Minsc: Boo thinks... you're all right.
Hexxat: Has Boo steered you wrong yet?
Minsc: No! Never!
Hexxat: Perhaps you should listen to him now, then.
Minsc: Yes. I'll do that.
Hexxat: Thank you for telling me about the madman's hamster, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: I didn't realize you'd use the information to take advantage of him.
Hexxat: Take advantage of him? Not at all. I merely seek to ensure relations between me and your friends don't turn sour. Some have... issues with my nature. I'd rather Minsc not be one of them.
Player: Just make sure he doesn't find out you can't tell a giant space hamster from a dormouse.
Hexxat: But I can.
Player: You can?
Hexxat: A dormouse can't speak.
Player: ...
2. Player: Minsc? Mad? He's as sane as you or I!
Hexxat: I hope you're joking.
<CHARNAME>? You are joking, aren't you?
3. Player: Anything to keep the peace. *ends conversation*

With Imoen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Imoen: Minsc, I want a hamster.
Minsc: What, what? Well, an admirable decision, but Boo is not for sale.
Imoen: Not Boo, you goof. My own hamster. I just see how calming he is for you, and as a pet, he seems very easy to maintain. I just thought...
Minsc: OH! Well then, by all means! And yes, very little requirements. Food, shelter, and perhaps the little wheel. I have heard nothing but good things about the little wheel.
Imoen: Well, I don't want one right away. I doubt I could manage one on the road as well as you, but once this is done, maybe then.
Minsc: Of course. Boo is special among his kind, and quite resilient. Have I mentioned he is a miniature giant space hamster? I'm sure I have.
Imoen: Yes, you have, Minsc. Yes, you have.

With Jaheira[]

When in a forest :

Minsc: Oh! Squirrels, Boo! I know I saw them! Quick, throw nuts!
Jaheira: Minsc, could you please maintain a little grace while in nature's presence? Sometimes I simply do not know how you came by your title of ranger.
Minsc: Do you wish me dour and sour like most others? No, I say not. The animals run and play without care, and I would too... if such a thing would not squish Boo flat.
Jaheira: But your duties are serious things, Minsc. Do you realize that?
Minsc: I am very serious! Boo would not let me shirk my duties! I would not want to shirk anything! No, ma'am, no shirking!
Jaheira: Admirable, Minsc, but you use that word like you don't know what it means.
Minsc: Eh, well... no... but it sounds sharp and painful, and I always reserve such things for freaks that might steal those squirrels' nuts!
Jaheira: Good job, Minsc. You keep it up.

With Jan[]

Jan: Minsc! Look out! Behind you!
Minsc: Where? He who sneaks up on Minsc loses teeth!
Jan: C'mon, Boo! Quickly, come to Jan!
Minsc: Stop it! Boo is not for you, tiny! You'll hurt him!
Jan: He likes me. Gnomes are far cuddlier than oafish humans.
Minsc: No, I know best when talking of Boo. If you could hear his wishes, you would agree, but you cannot. The words of Boo are for Minsc alone.
Jan: You can't fault a fellow for trying.
Minsc: I can and will. And another thing; no more sneaking Boo crackers. He is getting rather portly, and the crumbs make for an itchy bedroll.

When outdoors, during the day, after the previous conversation :

Jan: Ah, Minsc! 'Tis truly a beautiful day, no?
Minsc: Eh, weather is nice... mmmaybe...
Jan: It is a day to get out into the world, to breathe in the fresh air.
Minsc: *grunt*
Jan: Too bad, though...
Minsc: What is too bad?
Jan: It's too bad that I won't live to enjoy it.
Minsc: What do you mean?
Jan: Hadn't you heard, old friend? I've got the Calimshan itch. Alas, poor Jan! *sob* *sob*
Minsc: An itch? Can you not scratch it?
Jan: Only death will cure this itch. I shall not live out this day. Oh, terrible powers of the heavens! Why will you let me die without granting me a final wish? Cruel, cruel fate!
Minsc: What can Minsc do to help? A tragedy, this is! I will slay those that need slaying!
Jan: I do have one final wish... no, no. I do not wish to burden my companions with my death. My teensy-weensy wish is unimportant. Travel on, good Minsc. Carry the torch and so forth.
Minsc: It is only fair, big-nosed little one. We will do all that we can to aid you.
Jan: Truly, it is a small thing. As a child, I had a pet hamster, named Spanky. Those were the only pure days in my life. Every day was perfection. Oh, the pain! If I could just hold a hamster while I die, perhaps I could capture the innocence of my youth and die a happy gnome.
Minsc: You will not steal Boo from me! I know your tricks!
Jan: 'Tis no trick. *cough* *cough* Nevertheless, you are correct about one thing, my oafish friend. I do not deserve happiness. Please, leave me to my excruciatingly painful death. I am close now... Spanky, I miss you!
Minsc: Boo shall comfort the little dying gnome for a moment. Only a moment!
Jan: Ah, thank you, Minsc. May I have a moment alone?
Minsc: Alone? No, I draw the line... hey! Stand still! I warn you!
Jan: At last Boo is mine! I cannot believe this stupid trick worked. Come, noble hamster, a life of frivolity awaits.
Minsc: I'll throttle you with your own arms if you do not return him this instant! This is no longer amusing! It was never amusing! I am not laughing!
Jan: All right, all right. It was only a jest, Minscy. I meant no harm.
Minsc: That's right, you apologize! It's hard enough keeping Boo's roaming in check without you stealing him. Bad Jan! There will be a booting if this happens again!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Minsc: Boo? Boo? Where are you?
Jan: What's the matter, Minscy? Did you lose *snicker*... lose *giggle*... lose something?
Minsc: You! The tiny, tricky gnome! Minsc knows it was you who stole Boo! You cannot fool Minsc! What is that bulge moving about within your trousers?
Jan: This bulge here? Why, that's (ha ha) that's nothing. I'm just happy to see you, Minscy. *giggle* Oh, those tiny feet tickle so.
Minsc: I hear Boo's frenzied squeaking! Ho-ho! He is growing angry, little man. Release Boo from your drawers lest his sharp teeth nibble on your naughty bits in his outrage!
Jan: Boo would never do such a thing... uh, at least I hope he wouldn't. Actually, now that I think about it, that's a chance I'm not willing to take. Here you go, Minscy—Boo's yours again, safe and sound.
Minsc: Ah, Minsc and Boo together again! Jan, you are not worthy of having a miniaturized giant space hamster scampering loose in your pants.
Jan: Ah, I suppose there are precious few of us indeed who are truly worthy of that particular honor.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jan: Oh my, my, my... I had the strangest dream last night, Minscy. I dreamt a wizard snuck into our camp while we slept and cast a spell that made you and I switch identities.
Minsc: *gasp* Such a thing would be a nightmare indeed—why, Minsc could not even fit into your tiny clothes! I have no wish to walk naked through these strange lands...
Jan: Just our minds were switched, Minscy. You were me, and I was you. Oh my... what if it wasn't a dream? What if it was real? What if you're really me, and I'm really you? Suddenly, I feel sort of funny... HAMSTERS AND RANGERS AND HEROES TOGETHER!
Minsc: What is this? The puny gnome speaks with the wrath and rage of a Rashemaar warrior! Boo, I am confused...
Minsc: Can this be true? Am I but the sneaky little Jan inside Minsc's great, big body? ...No! This is not right! Minsc is not Jan... Minsc is Minsc! Minsc is Minsc, Boo is Boo, and you are a naughty, naughty gnome!
Jan: Okay, Minscy, settle down. You win. Just a little existential prank is all—no hard feelings I hope. (Hmmm... I really thought that would work...)
Minsc: Your trick may have worked, tiny one, had Boo not saved me from my confusion. Boo thinks, therefore I am. Remember that before you tempt my wrath by trying to steal my hamster again!

With Keldorn[]

When Minsc's berserk state ends :

Minsc: All will fall before the might of Minsc and Boo! Evil all about! All will... FAAARRRRGHHH!
Keldorn: Minsc! Stand down and calm yourself!
Minsc: I will fight! Minsc fights and evil falls!
Keldorn: And you have fought well and true as a warrior should, but the battle is won! Minsc, let the fury pass.
Minsc: I will... I... Keldorn?
Keldorn: Well fought, Minsc. Your righteous fury is a sight to see, but do not let it consume you.

When Minsc's berserk state ends :

Keldorn: Let it pass, Minsc! The fight is won, and we have survived. Do not let your rage defeat you!
Minsc: Raaagh! Ra... Minsc... Minsc is... better now. Boo calms as we speak. Thank you, paladin.
Keldorn: The righteous must sometimes descend to the methods of the brutal, but do not let it destroy you from within. Fight when you must, but let it end when done.
Minsc: Minsc is calm. Boo is calm. You are wise in your words and bear your weapon well. Would that you could hear Boo's praise, for my own words do not suffice. *calms himself*

When Minsc's berserk state ends :

Minsc: Who wants a piece of Minsc? Who?! Evil will die here! Enemies everywhere!
Keldorn: Calm your fury, Minsc! The battle is over! Let your friends tend to you!
Minsc: Friends... my friends...
Keldorn: There now, with enemies gone it is time for reflection. Those of evil intent will fear you when the time comes; no need to posture for those that already know.
Minsc: Minsc calms... you are right... Thank you, Keldorn. You are... an inspiration to me.
Keldorn: Lead by example, for the individual knows what is right and true.

If Keldorn has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: You bear the wounds of battle well, Keldorn. A warrior of your ability would be well respected in my home of Rashemen.
Keldorn: I take no pride in my wounds, only in the battle won. That I have the opportunity to sacrifice my body for right, that does not mean I wish to.
The best example is of good remaining strong in the defeat of evil. I will give my wounds no acknowledgment.
Minsc: This, Boo, this is a hero of legend! Minsc is honored to fight at your side, Keldorn!
Keldorn: Do not take honor in fighting with my presence. Take honor in that you fight for good, for that is my source of strength.

If Minsc has less than 15% HP :

Minsc: Yet more scars that show Minsc's prowess in battle! All great warriors wear such marks. Keldorn, you must have a great many scars that are your medals of combat! Do you wear them proudly, as Minsc does?
Keldorn: My battles won unscathed are my greatest pride. When I have served the cause of righteousness without a mark to prove my deeds, I know I am acting for the greater good... and not just my own foolish ego.
Minsc: I did not think of it that way, though scars are my proof that I will fight evil to the last. It places fear in the hearts of the enemy.
Keldorn: Evil mustn't know where opposition can come from, only that it will. If a villain doubts my intent, then he is at a disadvantage when I take up arms against him.
Minsc: I can respect that, though I would rather my enemies know I am coming and that there is little they can do.

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: Umph! Boo! Where are you, Boo? Let the good knight know that I have hit my head!
Keldorn: Aid is on its way, Minsc. Stand firm!
Minsc: No, Boo. The knight, I said... not all these pesky birdies...
Keldorn: Oh, ye gods, shelter this loving madman while ye may...
Minsc: Minsc doesn't get mad, Minsc gets eve... no, wait, Minsc gets mad...

If Keldorn dies :

Minsc: No! For such a warrior to fall here is an abomination! And I do not even know the word! All will feel my boot to head for this!

If Keldorn is resurrected :

Minsc: Oh, your legacy did not die! You are with us again! Oh, Boo is positively vibrating with happiness! Minsc will not let such evil claim you again!
Keldorn: There is no sorrow if I fall in battle. I am glad to be alive, but if my sacrifice inspires others, then it is worth my passing. I have no doubt that your rage over a lost friend inspires you onward, does it not?
Minsc: I do not like to think of those I have lost as gone. I may not speak of them much, but they are in each swing of my sword as I avenge them!
Keldorn: As it should be. If I can contribute to that, then all is not lost when I am.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Minsc: Keldorn, yet again Boo and I are in awe with how deeply you plant the bootprint of justice on the villainous buttocks we encounter so often! Heh!
Keldorn: And as always, Minsc, you have fought with the righteous strength of many knights!
Minsc: And hamsters! Let us not forget Boo and his furry fury.

With Korgan[]

Korgan: Yer combat prowess is a sight to behold, Minsc. Ye certain no dwarven blood runs through ye?
Minsc: Boo points, I punch! Is very simple relationship, but it is effective.
Korgan: That rodent? Ye're at the beck and call of vermin?
Minsc: Boo is a fine friend, and powerful in ways you don't let yourself see! To insult Boo is to insult all things small that try hard. Oh, and Minsc as well.
Korgan: Warrior, perhaps chasing windmills be best left to ye.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Minsc: Korgaaan... Korgan, Korgan! Boo tells me that you have been staring at him. I fear your gaze is making him quite angry... you see how his tiny body trembles with the fury?
Korgan: Ach, the little bugger's probably just cold. I'll fire up a pot o' boilin' water to warm his wee bones, and ye just toss him right in. An' then it's hamster stew for everyone!
Minsc: Minsc knows you are just joking. If Boo was in your belly, he might forget the "miniature" part of his giant space hamster size. Ho ho! That would be a messy end to your jests!

With Mazzy[]

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: Minsc has had the pleasure of standing next to many a warrior in battle, but I swear, I have never been as impressed as I am with you, Mazzy.
Mazzy: And what follows now? A comment of how grand I am for one so small? Your compliments are insults lightly veiled.
Minsc: Minsc does not insult those that fight with honor on the side of right! You may not be as big as Minsc, but very few are.
Besides, Boo would nae speak for a week if I picked on the tiny. I am not good with words, but I will fight by your side at a hat's drop.
Mazzy: You speak plain and true despite your battles with language. I apologize for thinking your tone a harsh one.

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: You are a sight in battle, young Mazzy! Boo has keen interest in the small, and Minsc takes great joy in the honor of combat, hehe, so you are doubly worthy of our company.
Mazzy: I never know if I can take your words as they are, Minsc, or if they carry some hidden meaning or riddle that must be solved. I trust you are approving of my skills then?
Minsc: I could not be more so! Don't look for subtle messages, I keep nothing hidden. I help the weak and leave evil in my boot print. You are similar... Boo can tell.
Mazzy: Ahh yes, Boo. Your animal companion and guide.
I have had friends with such attachments before, but never have I met someone so... absorbed in the relationship. Still, you seem all the better for it.

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: Arrgh! Minsc could use a healing touch. Oh, poor Boo; the sight of blood does make him tremble so.
Mazzy: With Arvoreen's blessing, such a touch may come to me, but for now, we'd best get your wounds dressed by another.
Minsc: You would seek the path of paladin? A difficult road, and you will find many barriers that sword will not break.
Mazzy: Through acts of kindness and by living the example, I see no reason I should be denied this. Do you think me not fit because of my parentage?
Minsc: Ahh, Boo, Minsc has placed his feet where his head should go once more. No, Mazzy, I meant only that it is a path that is difficult regardless.
I could not do it, despite my hunt of all things evil. I don't think anyone suspects, but... but I am not the smartest person.
Mazzy: *snicker* No, Minsc, rest assured I did not suspect such a thing. Your heart is pure though, and that will see you through.
Minsc: You are more like Boo than Minsc. Boo is small, but he is more than people would believe. Evil will see you like they see Boo, and that will help you in the end.
Mazzy: Minsc, you are a constant surprise to me. And Boo is just the cutest little fuzzy wuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy.

If Mazzy dies :

Minsc: NOOO! Such a vile act will not go unpunished! Minsc will see this paladin's heart avenged! And Boo shall burrow through your black little souls!

If Mazzy gets resurrected :

Minsc: Mazzy! You walk with the living once more! Minsc was so scar... uh... well... Boo! Boo was so scared you were lost to us, but miracles have brought you back!
Mazzy: Stand easy, Minsc, all is well. Though I am a bit... woozy. Praise the Defender, I have been brought back.
Surely such a thing would not be allowed if I were following the wrong path? This shall be my rebirth... after I rest for a bit.
Minsc: Of course, brave little one. See, Boo, she is well and as she was. You were foolish to have been worried. Yes... you were.

With Nalia[]

Nalia: Minsc, I wanted to take a moment to say something to you.
Minsc: Boo and I always are having time to speak with our friends. Yes, no, Boo?
Nalia: Eh, yes. Well, I just wanted to say that your unwavering fight for goodness has been a great influence on me.
Minsc: And now you would like a hamster.
Nalia: What?
Minsc: Just a guess.
Nalia: Well, no, I just wanted you to know that I'm thankful for your example... perhaps excluding the hamster part of it.
Minsc: As you wish, but I couldn't imagine a Minsc without a Boo. We are two peas in a pool, two fists in a face, two feet on the floor, and too much for most villainy.

With Neera[]

Neera: Minsc? I think we should have a serious talk about Boo.
Minsc: Let me guess! You admire Boo from afar. You have thought to yourself, "Boo strong! Boo handsome!"
Neera: Don't get me wrong. Boo is really, really cute. "Handsome" might be stretching it. But about that "strong" part—
Minsc: Do not hold back! Out with it! Boo can take it!
Neera: Well, that's just it... Can he? I mean, it was one thing when you and Boo were killing kobolds back on the Sword Coast. But the things we have to face these days—
Minsc: Ah, yes! You are afraid Boo has become too mighty. You see how he looks into a demon's eyes and how the demon fears to meet his gaze!
Neera: No. I'm afraid he'll be beaten to a bloody pulp or choke during a cloudkill spell.
Minsc: You imagine him finding a hole in dragon's armor and showing Minsc where to point his sword!
Neera: No, I imagine him going down a dragon's throat and showing him how good hamster tastes.
Minsc: You think Boo will find sacred cup, pull sword from rock, destroy cursed ring, win golden branch, and kill big evil!
Neera: It's really more that I think he'll die.
Minsc: Die? Ha! Where Minsc goes, Boo follows, and where Boo goes, so does Minsc! Death has no sting for us!

After the previous conversation :

Minsc: No. Nooo! You, Neera! You did this!
Neera: What did I do now? Oh... oh my.
Minsc: Your last spell. Your last spell did this to my Boo!
Neera: You know I can't control it, Minsc. I am so sorry! But I swear it's only temporary.
Minsc: Ah, Boo! Your fur was like gold, like topaz, like dark honey from the meadows of Rashemen. And now…
Pink! All pink.
Neera: Pink... pink like the flowers that give us the dark honey! So, not that much of a change, right? Anyway, you like flowers.
Neera: Good point. You know, I could probably fix that—
Minsc: No! No more spells! Boo and I will stand over here. Way over here!

After the previous conversation :

Minsc: Neera? Boo and I would like to say sorry.
Neera: Sorry? What for?
Minsc: Boo says he didn't mind being pink. It was nice change. I kind of liked it too.
Neera: Apology accepted! I wasn't too upset—I'm used to my magic making people mad.
Minsc: Minsc is a berserker. Minsc understands.
Neera: You're right. Except when you make things pink by accident because that's the color of their entrails.
Minsc: A little messy, but easier to fix!
Neera: Right... I'm going to stand over there now. Way over there!

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: And what is your story, my friend?
Minsc: ...
Rasaad: Minsc?
Minsc: I'm sorry. I thought you were talking to Boo.
Rasaad: As interesting a conversation as that would doubtless be, I was talking to you. You are Rashemi, are you not?
Minsc: I am.
Rasaad: What brings you to this place? No, let me guess: It is Boo.
Minsc: No, no! It was my dajemma that brought me here. That and—my witch.
Rasaad: Your dajemma?
Minsc: I failed the dajemma. I failed my witch. I failed myself.
Rasaad: But you did not fail Boo.
Minsc: Boo understands. Boo forgives, even if I cannot.
Rasaad: The hamster is wise. You are a good man. Boo knows.
Minsc: Boo thinks you are a good man. You should come to Rashemen with us when I return there. We could parade around Immilmar—I'd introduce you as my long-lost brother. Hah! Wouldn't that be something?
Rasaad: It would indeed, my friend. It would indeed.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Minsc: Friend Rasaad, I have a question, and Boo is being most uncooperative. What is a honeymoon?
Rasaad: After two people are joined in marriage, they are provided with mead for a month in order to... ah... grow comfortable with one another.
Minsc: So there are no bees?
Rasaad: I have never been married, so I would not know.
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: I can assure you, children, there are no bees on a honeymoon.
Minsc: I shall take your word for it. Boo's answer involved both bees and birds. It was... confusing.

With Sarevok[]

Minsc: So, "Sarevok," if that is your real name, what do you remember of our previous battles, hmm?
Sarevok: What are you getting at, ranger? I remember you well enough.
Minsc: I am not completely convinced that you are who you say you are, standing there saying you are.
Sarevok: And I am to feel bad that I do not have your validation? No, if my identity is a problem for you, then let my actions speak instead.
Minsc: Boo agrees. You are welcome beside us if you effectively apply the boots of goodness.
Sarevok: Your deluded comments are unnecessary. <CHARNAME> directs my wrath as <HE/SHE> sees fit.
Minsc: A fine choice of mentor, but again, you do not seem like a "Sarevok" to me. Too much "humble," not enough "RAAAAGH, feel my unholy rage."

Sarevok: Ranger, turn your rodent's gaze another direction! I will not be scrutinized as though by some ridiculous divining rod!
Minsc: Boo is an uncanny judge of character, but you... you give him trouble.
Sarevok: I shall give him more than that if this continues! I nearly conquered a nation! I will not be judged by a creature that stores nuts in its cheeks!
(if present in party:)
Jan: Hey! I resemble that remark.
Sarevok: Trust me, gnome, you do not want to partake in my wrath this day.
Minsc: Food storage aside, Boo controls himself far better than you do. Do you see him ranting about mere glances? Let's look.
Sarevok: What?
Minsc: There, you see? No rant. In fact, right now we see him snuffing about for a comfy place to sleep. Admirable restraint.
Sarevok: I'm still in Hell, aren't I? This is insanity.
Minsc: Ah, finally a calming look across your face. Boo's handiwork, no doubt. Doesn't that feel better?
Sarevok: Let's... let's go kill something. Soon.

With Valygar[]

Valygar: Minsc... something about you concerns me...
Minsc: What is this? I am not hurt. Boo is not hurt. What is there to be concerned about?
Valygar: I find it odd that someone who fights so well is not entirely in possession of his senses.
Minsc: I have all the senses needed to put evil in its place, plus the added bonus of Boo's keen hamster eyes. What else is necessary?
Valygar: Have you... considered seeing a priest, Minsc? Someone who might try to heal your... uh... head wound?
Minsc: I have been seen by the best and by the worst, and all have learned that Minsc is Minsc is Minsc. I do good things for those that need them; why is there a problem?
Enough, Boo tires of this debate. It is old and stale and pointless.

With Viconia[]

Viconia: Minsc, that tattoo on your face. Does it have tribal significance, or did some nursery's fingerpainting class assault you with blue pastels?
Minsc: I do not like the tone of your voice, dark elf! The face I have is the face the ladies love! Boo loves Minsc's face, too. Don't you, Boo? Don't you? Yes!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: Minsc, I am finding myself unable to deny your effectiveness in battle.
Minsc: Eh... Boo, was that a compliment?
Viconia: Oh, it was, and your response is the reason for my query. Just how old is Boo?
Minsc: Boo? He is young by the standards of his miniature giant cohorts.
Viconia: So he has exceeded the normal lifespan of a normal rodent of his type?
Minsc: I believe he takes offense to the term "rodent."
Viconia: Perhaps he bears examining. Some form of exploratory dissection. It was an art in my homeland.
Minsc: You know, try as he might, Boo just doesn't get your kind of humor.

With Yoshimo[]

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Yoshimo: Why, Boo! What a fabulous job you did in battle! You went for the eyes as fast as any miniature giant space hamster that I've ever seen.
Minsc: Boo says that he was just doing his job.
Yoshimo: And a fine job it was. What a brave little hamster!
Minsc: Boo says that Yoshimo did well, too... for someone who isn't Minsc.
Yoshimo: Thank you, Boo.
Minsc: Do you see that, Boo? There goes a nice man.

With Pehllus Tanislove[]

Pehllus Tanislove: "*grumble* I grow weary of waiting here. If I stay much longer, I think I shall grow truly upset."
Minsc: "Perhaps people just need a swift kick in the punctuals!"
Pehllus Tanislove: "Well now, there's a novel approach."
Minsc: "No, I seldom have time for reading. Too much work to be done!"
Pehllus Tanislove: "Hmm. We need more people like you on the council, actually."

Siege of Dragonspear Dialogues[]

With Corwin[]

Minsc: My toes itch, Boo. How much longer must I wait before we find a nice, evil face worthy of kicking, do you think?
Corwin: There's no shortfall of faces deserving a good kick in this world. I'm sure we'll come across one sooner than later.
Minsc: And then Minsc does what he does best! Hehe!
Corwin: Ramble nonsensically to his pet rodent about other peoples' rears?
Minsc: And then Minsc will do what he does second best!

With Safana[]

Minsc: Minsc has a message for you.
Safana: For me? From who?
Minsc: It is from Boo. He would like to that say you are very pretty lady. Yes and, Boo has excellent taste, so this is quite a compliment! Uhm... relish it.
Safana: Your rat thinks I'm pretty, hm? That's adorable.
Minsc: Boo is no rat! He is a miniature giant space hamster. Do not offend him! Lest he nibble your ears off in your sleep!
Safana: Rat, hamster, what's the difference?
Minsc: What is the difference? Oh, Safana, you have so much to learn!
Safana: You've given me much to think about. Why don't you bother someone else while I do so? Good boy.

With Jaheira[]

Minsc: Friend Jaheira, in your travels, you have seen strange and wonderful creatures, yes?
Jaheira: Many, yes.
Minsc: Good, good. That is good. And in your journeys, have you perhaps encountered a giant miniature space hamster other than Boo? A FEMALE giant miniature space hamster?
Jaheira: I think we have more important things to do than this, don't you?
Minsc: Are you sure? Boo is restless.

With Dorn[]

Minsc: Minsc has not met many as strong as he is, but you, evil orc-man, you may be as strong as Minsc. Perhaps stronger! Minsc does not say that often.
Dorn: "May be", ranger? Have no doubt of it. I could snap your bones like twigs and leave you liveless on the ground.
Minsc: Ah ha, that is where you are wrong! For Minsc has Boo, and our friend! Attack Minsc, and you attack us all!
Dorn: I underestimated you. You offset your weakness aligning yourself with the strong - a shrewd strategy.
Minsc: I have no strategy, just friendship! And that friendship makes Minsc stronger than you will ever be!

With Viconia[]

Viconia: You show such devotion to your companions, your witch and your... hamster, is it? It's an appealing trait you have.
Minsc: Oho! What game do you play here, evil elf-lady? It would take more than compliments to make Minsc trust you!
(if present in party:)
Safana: Hmph. The barbarian's not completely without sense, who would've thought.
Viconia: You are too suspicious, pale one. I merely made an observation.
Minsc: You do more than that. You said loyalty is appealing, but Minsc has heard that drow betray eachother at every turn!
Viconia: Oh, they do, that's why your loyalty appeals.

With Dynaheir[]

Dynaheir: 'Tis good to be on the road again, Minsc. Thou, I and our friend
Minsc: And Boo! None of this would be possible without him!
Dynaheir: Yes, of course. How could I have forgotten Boo?
Minsc: It is like old times again. Action! Adventure! Smashing evil! If there be danger about, Boo and I will protect you!
Dynaheir: I have no doubt of it, and I shall try to steer thee rightly in return.

With M'Khinn[]

M'Khinn: Must be nice being big. Your mind's bent, but no one pushes you around.
Minsc: Who pushes you around, little one? Minsc will show them the pointy end of his sword! Or maybe one of the sharp sides. Decisions, decisions...
M'Khinn: Everyone pushes me around. My family. My tribe. Other tribes. Humans. The world.
Minsc: But you walk free now, yes? There is no mean tribe, no angry humans around telling you what to do?
M'Khinn: Not for now.
Minsc: Then do as Boo does and enjoy the moment. In it, you are as big as you need to be.

With Voghiln[]

Minsc: Fighting evil is fun!
Voghiln: But you seem not to enjoy the thrill of battle. You holler so loud banshees cringe, but I am never seeing a smile as you hack a foe to bloody chunks.
Minsc: I enjoy battle. I enjoy it much more than the people whose butts I kick.
Voghiln: Being happier than one who is miserable, this is no great feat. Where is the joy, ranger? I ask you this, where is the joy?
Minsc: Boo was right about you, skald. You do not understand the Ice Dragon spirit.

With Rasaad[]

Minsc: I think you are a strange warrior, Rasaad. Why do you wear no armor, carry no shield?
Rasaad: Armor is too restrictive. It is better to never feel a blow than to expend energy warding it off.
(if present in party:)
Dorn: Speak for yourself, monk. Pain strengthens the body and the mind.
Minsc: Why not do both? Wrap yourself in steel and then do your fancy dodging dance for double the protection! Even Minsc could not hurt you then!
Rasaad: I do not think—
Minsc: No, no. You are right. My mighty blows hit EVERYTHING. Ha! Even monks dancing in plate mail! Ha! What was I thinking? Ha!

With Edwin[]

Edwin: Such muscles you have! Why if you were to have brains where your muscles were, imagine the wizard you could be!
Minsc: A muscle-bound wizard with brains where his muscles should be? That does not sound much like Minsc.
Edwin: Well, of course it's not. I'm saying if, you cretin, IF. A hypothesis, a conjecture. Do you not understand? (Get a hold of yourself; you're used to this by now!)
Minsc: No, I do not think Minsc would enjoy that. He would cast a spell to return his muscles to their proper place. Boo is all the brains Minsc needs.
Edwin: Muttonhead.

With Baeloth[]

Minsc: I do not understand the words you use, evil dark elf man.
Baeloth: The cretinous quandary of a cut-rate consciousness.
Minsc: Yes, exactly!

With Glint[]

Glint: Gods help me. Minsc, I just had a thought. What if - WHAT IF I'm not a gnome? What if I'm actually a miniature giant space gnome? From spaaaace?
Minsc: Boo says that's crazy. You are a crazy in the head gnome.
Glint: A crazy in the head gnome from spaaaace!
Minsc: I think not.
Glint: I know! It's amazing - my absolute favorite thing about you. Other than Boo, of course. Gotta love the hamster.
Minsc: You may be crazy in the head, but Boo says you have taste.

With Khalid[]

Khalid: D-do you think we will achieve victory over the crusade, f-friend Minsc?
Minsc: You doubt it? Look at our stalwart selves! Minsc is more stalwart than many, that is true, but you are not without a certain stalwartness yourself!
(if present in party:)
Jaheira: Khalid is as stalwart as they come. None could say otherwise.
Minsc: Our friend is a brave and wise ally. And we have a secret weapon - giant miniature SPACE secret weapon. The crusade will fall beneath our stalwart butt-kicking boots!
Khalid: W-when you put it that way, I have no d-doubt.