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The Minor Sequencer spell allows a caster to store two spells and activate them both at the same time as though they were an innate ability. The casting time for this ability is 1.


Minor Sequencer
This spell allows a wizard to store two spells and activate them both at the same time from his Special Abilities button. Both spells must be of 2nd level or lower. To create a sequencer, a Mage must memorize not only Minor Sequencer but also the spells he intends to store in it (a Sorcerer can store spells of any level for which he has spell slots). After casting Minor Sequencer, the player will be prompted to choose the sequenced spells from those he has memorized.

A sequencer lasts until activated and, once used, releases its spells immediately (no casting time). The Special Ability icon also disappears until the next time a sequencer is formed. A wizard can possess only one Minor Sequencer at a time, and it may not be given to other creatures.

Additional info[]

A mage can have one Minor Sequencer, one Spell Sequencer and one Spell Trigger each active at the same time, but can't have two of the same type active at the same time.

Moreover, if the required range of a spell in the sequencer isn't respected, said spell will fail. For example, if a mage trying to cast Web followed by Invisibility with the same Minor Sequencer targets the ground, only the Web part of the sequencer will work, but if said mage targets themselves the Web effect will be centered on them and then they will turn invisible, as intended.

Since the duration is permanent until triggered, you can memorize the sequencer and the spells you want to put in it, cast it, then replace the used spells and rest. That way, you still have the trigger active after rest, but also have more spell slots for the next encounter.

Cleric / Mage multiclasses can also put Cleric spells in the Sequencer.

Several spells that require the same type of saving throw roll with the same modifier within the same short time frame will share a single roll instead of each having their own. This might be intended rather than a bug. Either way, sharing the same roll, they will fail or succeed in sync. If the player is trying to inflict a status effect like Web effect for instance, two of the same spell shoved into a Minor Sequencer are therefore no more likely to succeed than one.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

Baldur's Gate[]

The Black Pits[]

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal[]

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Regarding this type of spell, the Sword Coast Stratagems mod will do the following, but only if you do not install Spell Revisions:

Make spell sequencers, spell triggers, and contingencies learnable by all mages
In the unmodded game, spell sequencers, contingencies etc. are in the Evocation school, making them unavailable to Enchanters; this is a serious weakness for the class. This component moves them to be in both the Conjuration and Evocation schools (like Wish), so that all mages may use them. The affected spells are Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trigger, Contingency, and Chain Contingency. This will not take effect if you have Spell Revisions installed (as SR takes care of this already by making them "Universal" School).

With Spell Revisions installed, this is the equivalent spell description:

Simbul’s Spell Matrix Level: 4
School: Universal
Range: Personal
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

This spell allows a mage to prepare a magical matrix that can store spells to be used later in a single swift action. The matrix can store two spells to be released simultaneously, all of which must be of 2nd level or lower. A mage can only possess one spell matrix at a time, and the matrix will remain active until the spells contained within it are released.

Note: With spell revisions, a caster does not need to learn this spell, it will automatically be included as an innate ability at the appropriate experience level. It is a "Universal" Spell School.

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