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Minister Adelain is the priest who is overseeing the funeral of Nalia de'Arnise's father, Lord de'Arnise which is taking place in the graveyard district. He'll engage in some conversation with Nalia, hewing to that priestly line that now is the time for celebration and not a time to dwell on the negative.

Welcome to this place for this somber occasion. Mingle and celebrate the life of Lord de'Arnise. He would have everyone speak as equals.


It was good of you to come, Nalia. I know your father would have appreciated it.

I hope so. I'm sure quite a few of his business partners could do without seeing me.

That may well be, but today is not the time for such things. We are celebrating a life in this place, and all grievances should be put aside.

I will try, Minister Adelain.

Again, your father would have appreciated it. Wander and speak with the others, and talk of how you felt about him.

I have told everyone else to do as much. Your father would prefer the honest talking of friends over prewritten speeches.


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