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A Mineral Mephit is an extra-planar "outsider" (i.e., linked to various Elemental, Quasi-Elemental and Outer planes of existence). These creatures are similar to Imps and are found in a number of areas during the Baldur's Gate II games.


The Mineral Mephit can attack twice per round in melee for 1d3 (slashing) damage.

The mephit regenerates 1 hit point every round.

The Mineral Mephit have no magic, physical damage or elemental resistance. The InfoBox summarizes their special abilities and immunities to certain status effects. The game has the creature with a memorized Blur spell but it isn't scripted to use it, so it is probably just a developer creature file copy-paste remnant.


Creature's general classification should be "Elemental", but instead is "Humanoid" in the game files.

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