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Miners are found in the Cloakwood Mines area only on the first level of the mine. Five of them are given names while the others are simply referred to as "Miner".

Named Miners[]

Talking with each of the individually named miners doesn't provide any clues as to what the party is up against as you explore each level of the mine. Most of them speak of Davaeorn in some way and one reveals that he's a mage, but none of their responses will lead to an entry in your Journal. Canticle is the only one who will not leave and disappear once the dialogue is finished.

Generic Miners[]

River Plug Miner[]

This generic miner is the only miner with a lawful good Alignment and is found standing near the metal plug that prevents the river from flooding the mine. Conversation with him reveals that he knows where the key to the plug is located and how to use said key to remove the plug and flood the mine, once the key has been recovered from the master of the mine. He also points the party in the direction of a man named Rill and mentions that he can help with getting the slaves to safety before the mine is flooded. This also leads to two entries in the Flooding the Cloakwood Mine quest in your Journal.

Generic Miners[]

Talking with the other generic miners also doesn't provide any clues as to what may follow whilst exploring the mine and most of them are just miserable and frightened. One wants to die and another is just downright ornery. However, one of them does reveal that the master of the mine is Davaeorn and that he is located on the fourth level. This leads to a third entry in the Flooding the Cloakwood Mine quest in your Journal.



  • Killing any miner or slave results in reputation loss so it is advisable to be extra cautious when deploying area of effect spells, potions or wands upon enemies on levels 1 and 3 of the mine, as the possibility of collateral damage is increased with their presence.