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This Messenger will appear when the party returns to Athkatla, following the liberation of the de'Arnise Keep, if Nalia de'Arnise is a member of the party. He hands her a message regarding her fathers funeral and disappears. He'll reappear when the party reaches the graveyard and lead the them to the funeral location, then disappear for good.


"Miss Nalia? Miss Nalia de'Arnise?"

"Yes? That is my name. What can I do for you, son?"

"I have a message for you, Miss Nalia, from the residents of the de'Arnise estate. I must get an imprint of your signet ring to prove I found you."

"Of course. You have done well."

"Thank you, Miss Nalia, though I do hate to be the bearer of somber news. Here is your message. Safe travels to you."

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