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This Messenger will appear a few days after Aerie has joined the party. He either delivers a verbal message that her Uncle Quayle is in need of her help or he will hand her a letter he was commissioned to deliver by Raelis Shai, if Quayle was killed during the Investigate the circus tent quest. Following this exchange he'll disappear.


"Excuse me, miss... but you would be named Aerie, yes? The young elven lass that was Quayle's apprentice in the circus?"

If Quayle is alive:

"Well, yes. Why? Has something happened to Uncle Quayle? What is this about?"

"Oh, no, no. Nothing's happened to him, miss. He gave me a very good description of you, in fact, and asked me to track you down."

"He mentioned that you and your new companions may be able to help him out with something, and asks that you return to the circus to see him as soon as you can, miss."

"Uncle Quayle needs my help? Then we should go back to the circus! Oh, <Gorion's Ward>, please... I couldn't bear the thought of him needing me and not being able to go! Please!"

"Well, I've done as I were asked, miss, so I really should be going. A good day to you all."

If Quayle is dead:

"I... I was. But Quayle is dead now. Why? What is this about?"

"Well... it is just that I were commissioned to deliver a letter to Quayle, and with him being... with him being dead and all, I was told you should receive it..."

"A letter? Somebody sent Uncle Quayle a letter?"

"Yes, miss. I hereby deliver it into your hands. Now, I really must be on my way. Good day to you all."

Note: The letter isn't a physical item, but rather an assumed item given to Aerie. She will read out loud it's contents so the party will have a better understanding of the request for help.