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Meronia, Elven Harper with much knowledge. Speak with her inside the Harpers Headquarters and she will provide details of the Cowled Wizards, Irenicus and the Shadow Thieves. Portrait from the PPE Mod

Meronia is a Harper Bard residing at Galvarey Estate (aka Harper Hold) in Athkatla's Docks district during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Gorion's Ward first meets Meronia inside Galvarey Estate after having performed the task requested by Rylock as part of Xzar's Side Quest, Find out What Happened to Montaron. She can be found just inside the door to the right, and can answer several questions the party may have. There is much dialogue to be had, and banter from Edwin and Jan Jansen if you speak with the Harpers inside the Harpers Headquarters (the first time you enter their building). These discussions can shed light about the Harpers, their motives, Jon Irenicus, the Shadow Thieves, and the Cowled Wizards.

After Xzar's quest comes to a close, Meronia may appear again outside the estate to summon Jaheira back to Harper Hold, thus beginning one of Jaheira's Companion Quests. This time, she may be equipped differently, and have other spells memorized (see the InfoBox, right).

After delivering her message to Jaheira, Meronia disappears from the game.  [verification needed]