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Meredath is a young female vampire in Athkatla and a loyal member of Bodhi's Vampire Coven. She is one of the few vampires who is only found in Bodhi's Hideout within the Lower Tombs.


Chapter three[]

During 3, if you have decided to side with Bodhi in the Shadow Thieves/Vampire Coven, she'll be wandering around the hideout. She has no dialogue.

Chapter six[]

In Chapter 6 Meredath will be in Bodhi's Hideout, along with Hareishan, Salia, Tanova, Valen, five fledgling vampires, and a vampire guard; all of whom are defending Bodhi's inner sanctum from being accessed by Gorion's Ward and party (and some helpful allies).


Meredath will attack detected enemies with melee ranged touch attacks, inflicting Crushing damage and a Level drain.

She will normally launch a Vampire Domination at the start of hostilities at the nearest opponent.

Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod changes to this creature in a few ways. In the unmodded game Meredath is configured as a Fledgling Vampire. SCS makes her a proper vampire and more experienced and powerful opponent worthy of Chapter 6. She is a level 12/12 Fighter/Thief class vampire, with 20 Strength, Dexterity and 19 Constitution. She has 145 HP and her APR, THAC0 and AC are improved.

Her combat AI script is new, and she will do a better job evaluating targets and know if they are protected vs. level drain and charm. She has other ways to attack if so.

See the Vampire article and "Mod content" section for the additional vampire abilities furnished with this mod.