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Mercenary Fighter (The Zephir) are inside the only tavern and Inn available in Amkethran. They are not menacing or hostile and are just going about their business. Two of them are clad in Chainmail with golden helms, with a longsword and shield. The third is dressed in a Mage robe. After your party has returned from journeys to defeat Abazigal and Sendai, these mercenaries will have been informed of your deeds, and find that you are now wanted for death. They will become hostile to you if you enter the Inn.

Mercenary Fighters[]

Mercenary Fighter (Creature AMSC02), and essentially a duplicate Mercenary (AMSC03) are both armed with the same equipment and have identical stats. The second fighter is only worth 1,000 XP. Both are protected from Poison damage. Both are under a Haste effect, although it is Haste type 2 in IESDP. Both are immune to non-magical weapons as well. Although they are level 14 Fighter Class, the game developers have given them no exceptional strength percentages, nor did they provide any weapon proficiencies.

They are worth 6,000 XP should you defeat both of the Fighters.

Mercenary Mage[]

Mercenary, Mage (AMCST04) is a Male Human Mage with an abbreviated complement of offensive and defensive spells. If a non-mage party member tries to speak with him, you will be verbally rebuffed, saying "Begone, fool. I care not for your worries", or "Unless you are a mage, I have nothing to say to you". In fact, since the mage's tone is quite abrasive, one of the mercenary fighters even tells the mage to be careful speaking in such a manner to the "strangers", as your party is already known. However, if a mage in your party speaks with him there is some interesting dialogue, and more about the Twisted Rune and ties to Balthazar. The mage even asks you, "You seem the learned type. Are you part of the Twisted Rune hired by Balthazar? I don't recognize you...''

He is equipped with a Dagger. The mage has less memorized spells than permitted by experience level and has no proficiency with dagger.

He is worth 1,000 XP and can be looted for Average Random Treasure.

Mod Content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes a few revisions to the two fighters (and most mercenaries in general throughout ToB). No statistics or abilities are changed except as noted. They get an SCS combat script. They get proper fighter weapon proficiencies (grandmastery in long swords, two pips in Sword and Shield fighting style). The Haste effect is now set to Improved Haste, IESDP effect 16 or Opcode, type 1. They also receive 63% Magic Resistance.

The Mage mercenary gets a properly memorized full gamut of spells commensurate with the experience level and has an Enchanter kit. One pip in dagger proficiency is given. If the SCS "Smarter Mages" component is selected, the Mage's AI and spell use will be, well, smarter. Starting with defensive spells then offensive spells afterwards.