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Mercenaries at Galvarey Estate have presumably been hired by a Harper named Dermin Courtierdale and await Jaheira at Galvarey Estate (aka Harper Hold) in the Docks District of Athkatla, during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. These hired killers will only be encountered during Jaheira's Companion Quest, Summoned to the Harper Hold, and are immediately hostile to Gorion's Ward and party upon entering the estate.

Dermin's Mercenaries[]

On Dermin's instructions, Jaheira returned to Galvarey Estate to await the judgement of the Harpers regarding the actions that Gorion's Ward took against Galvarey and other, fellow Harpers. However, when the party returns there to find out what happened to her, they are intercepted, and must fight to free Jaheira from the estate.

There are two groups of mercenaries:

  • The first group is encountered upon entering Galvarey Estate through the front (ground floor) door.
  • After going upstairs to the second floor, to speak with Jaheria to rejoin the party, a second group awaits on the ground floor (either by going down the internal or outside stairways).

All five types of mercenary share one thing in common; they are all of 12th Level. The entire group is worth 21,000 XP.

None of Dermin's Mercenaries have been given names by the game developers, so they will be referred to by the Number from their Creature Codes, a summary of which, is outlined below:

Mercenary 1[]

Altogether there are four Mercenaries of Type 1. These fight without ranged weapons, closing to melee with Two-Handed Swords. They wear Splint Mail and are protected against Critical Hits by Open-Faced Helmets. Each has one Potion of Extra Healing, and will quaff it if needed. Each is worth 2,000 XP and carry Well-Off Random Treasure.

Mercenary 2[]

Mercenary 2 is also a Fighter, but equipped differently. Protected by an Undroppable Helmet (HelmNoAn.itm) and Studded Leather Armor +1, he can either melee with a Bastard Sword or attack at range with a Composite Longbow, Arrows +1 (×5) and mundane arrows (×20).

Like the others, he too has one Potion of Extra Healing and Well-Off Random Treasure.

Unlike the others, he is worth 4,000 XP.

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Mercenary 3[]

Mercenary 3 (TERMER03) is a Female Human Cleric protected by Plate Mail and a High Dexterity. She melees with a Flail +1, but can also attack at range with a Sling +1 and either Bullets +1 (×5) or mundane bullets.

Among her offensive spells are Flame Strike (×2), Hold Person and Cloak of Fear.

She can also cast Strength of One to increase, not only her own Strength, but also those of her fellow mercenaries, to 18/75.

She is worth 3,000 XP and can be looted for Wealthy Random Treasure.

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Mercenary 4[]

As a Thief, Mercenary 4 (TERMER04) focuses on disappearing and backstabbing for quadruple damage with a Dagger +2, using either stealth, or Potions of Invisibility (×2).

However, his very first backstab will be while using an NPC version of Sandthief's Ring. With this item, he will not be seen by the party entering the room; he can only be spotted after he strikes.

Given a chance, he will also quaff his Oil of Speed for faster attacks and movement.

He wears Leather Armor +1 and is protected against Critical Hits by an Undroppable Helmet (HelmNoAn.item), despite that Thieves are normally barred from wearing helmets.

He is worth 3,000 XP and can be looted for Wealthy Random Treasure, and any potions he was unable to use during combat.

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Mercenary 5[]

Mercenary 5 (TERMER05) is a Male Elf Mage with a complement of offensive and defensive spells.

He wears Bracers of Defense AC 7 and is also protected against Critical Hits by an Undroppable Helmet (HelmNoAn.item), despite that Mages are normally barred from wearing helmets. A Quarterstaff is used if you close to melee range.

He is worth 4,000 XP and can be looted for Wealthy Random Treasure.

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