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Mercenary (Balthazar) are hired by Balthazar as part of the Army he is building in his conflict with the other Bhaalspawn. The mercenaries are present in the streets and areas of Amkethran, normally in small groups. They are not overtly hostile to the party when you first visit the village. You'll find that they are a confident and somewhat arrogant bunch and treat the local inhabitants with little respect or compassion. In general, if a mercenary initiates hostility, you are free to defend yourself and kill them without repercussions. If however, the party starts the fight, then there is a risk of making all the mercenaries in the village turn hostile towards you, so beware. The mercenaries are similarly dressed and armed, as if they are in a uniform army. At the moment, the mercenaries are loyal to Balthazar's cause, as he is paying for their service. At a point later in the questline, if you are spotted by the mercenaries in the village, they will be hostile and attack on sight.

For some reason, the mercenaries are provided with Grandmastery with axes and 2 pips in Two-weapon style yet wield longswords and shields (oversight?).

Mod Content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes to the mercenaries in this area. First, there may be a few more of them, and they get a new SCS Fighter script. There is a little bit of variety between some, and they may wield an enchanted short sword. instead of a long sword. SCS gives them 3 or 5 pips in the appropriate weapon proficiency as well. If the unmodded game assigned a Berserker kit, it will sometimes be removed, but it depends on the creature. Experience awards for the mercenaries will depend on their level which is between 12-14 Fighter Class. The most recent version of SCS did away with the blanket 63% magic resistance given to these mercs in a previous version.