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Meeting of the Minds is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


On the top floor, in the room north of where Minsc and Dynaheir are recruited, listen to the three nobles plotting to remove the council.

Possible resolutions[]

  1. Gorion's Ward may blackmail them, which may require a stat check or having pickpocketed the Seditious Letter from Lord Maxwell. Going this route, Gorion's Ward's Strength or Charisma will be tested, with both of them being at least 14, the payout will be the Ostentatious Boots, Dagger +1, Cloak of Protection +1 and 600gp. If only one of the two attributes is 14 or higher, the nobles will pay 400gp, the boots and the cloak. If both attributes are lower than 14, they will hand over the boots and 200gp.
  2. The player may confront them and inform them they're going to turn them in, at which point they'll attack. After killing them, if the Seditious Letter is taken to Corwin downstairs, the player can inform her of the conspiracy. Corwin will be shocked but if Gorion's Ward claims self-defense they'll gain 1 point of Reputation, otherwise they will lose 1 point.
  3. The player can play along and pretend to want to join the conspiracy. Telling them that "This is the first opportunity ..." requires a Charisma of at least 16. Saying "I am my own <Pro_MANWOMAN>, ..." is much easier to believe and only takes a Charisma of 14. Bards have an even easier option: "My lords and lady, ..." has a theoretical requirement of 13 Charisma (even though bards have at least 15). If you fail this check, they will not believe you. After having successfully convinced the nobles, you can go to Corwin to turn them in. Corwin will then want Gorion's Ward to return upstairs, and trick the nobles into saying something traitorous while she and Inspector Tyle listen outside. Gorion's Ward will not receive any of the enchanted items carried by the nobles, instead being paid by the inspector with an emerald, and receiving slightly more XP than either of the other two options.

All of these attribute checks are performed on the protagonist, regardless of who is the party leader or who is doing the talking.


  • If you pickpocket the Seditious Letter and tell Corwin about it, but haven't blackmailed the nobles or joined with them, Corwin will take the letter and give 500 XP (and possibly a reputation change), but the quest will never complete.