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Meck is a messenger boy who is sent out by Higgold whenever the latter needs Gorion's Ward to return to the Five Flagons Theatre to attend to the latest drama. Meck is a 'gopher' which is American slang for one who "goes for" or fetches this or that.


  • There are two version of the creature file for Meck: the one sent to find the protagonist (BdGoph01.cre) and the one who is "off-duty" (BdGoph02.cre). The latter has poor random treasure that can be pick-pocketed.
  • The one sent from Higgold has a special Invisibility Detection ability that is constant/permanent, so that, even if you are hidden, he can deliver his message.
Note: If this messanger does not spawn in your game (this may occur in similar fashion with the KPRUNNER messenger for the Fighter Stronghold questline) then enable the game console and in BG2EE try C:CreateCreature("BDGOPH01") to summon it at your cursor. Then speak with the boy to continue the quest.