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Mazzy Fentan's quotes presents lines spoken by Mazzy, together with the associated sound files.

Mazzy presents every quality of the perfect paladin, and it makes no doubt she would have been one was she born a human. She acts the part too, scolding the party members whose acts would endanger the welfare of the party and of Gorion's Ward, even making Valygar her squire and giving moral advices to her less experienced companions. She's well aware she'll never reach her dream of becoming a paladin, yet dismisses without a second thought those who try to make her doubt about her faith. Other party members often make comments on her small stature, which will either provoke swift rebuttals from her part or warm thanks if they're well-intended.

Mazzy will only ever attack Hexxat, as no paladin would suffer the existence of a vampire, but is tolerant of every other party member.

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With Aerie[]

Mazzy: Aerie, dear... I see that you begin to become more confident in this world, which is undoubtedly quite strange to you. You're learning what it's like to live and thrive here.
Aerie: Yes, civilization is—is still a bit frightening, though.
Mazzy: Sometimes I am frightened by what I see as well. You are right to be. There is corruption everywhere. You must constantly challenge yourself to remain pure.
Aerie: Challenge myself?
Mazzy: You are good by nature, Aerie, but perhaps a little naive. Devious people will try to take advantage, especially in mercenary settlements like Athkatla.
Aerie: How can you tell whom to trust, Mazzy?
Mazzy: Seek those who value honor. Observe before you accept, especially in times of adversity. Watch companions in conflict, and you will see them as they truly are.
Aerie: I—I'll do what I can, Mazzy... I know I can always trust you.
Mazzy: Thank you, Aerie. You are truly a beautiful soul.

When in the Temple of Lathander :

Mazzy: Ah, my spirit always flies so free in this place.
Aerie: Really?
Mazzy: It rides the skies with the solars, Aerie... One day I shall be a paladin atop a white griffon, and you will be a valiant flying squire. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Aerie: I... I don't have my wings anymore, Mazzy, and... and I'm never going to get them back. They're gone.
Mazzy: Dream a little, girl, especially here where the gods are listening. Faith is such a beautiful thing to hold on to, Aerie.
Aerie: But it won't give me wings...
Mazzy: No, it probably won't... But it gives you a chance to dream at least, doesn't it?
Look, an imaginary griffon beats an old nag any day, and... a friend like you beats any halfwit squire who would stoop so low as to help a halfling on her horse... You see?
Aerie: I... I see, Mazzy... And—and thank you.
Mazzy: I thought you might... Now come, we've got a world to face, don't we, girl?

Throne of Bhaal only :

Aerie: Mazzy? Do you think you'll ever be a true paladin for Arvoreen?
Mazzy: I am a Truesword for my god, Aerie. That is as close as I can expect to come. To hope for otherwise would be foolish and naive of me.
Aerie: Yes, but I was told that there was a time that halflings were rogues only... that you would never find one that was a cleric or even a warrior such as yourself anywhere.
Mazzy: That's true, if unfortunate. But that was a long time ago, Aerie... things have changed since then.
Aerie: But maybe things could change again? Maybe your people could become paladins and rangers and even mages one day, without limitation. Wouldn't that be exciting?
Mazzy: Yes, yes, and maybe my people will become skinny, wear shoes, and have big, long skulls. Really, Aerie, you needn't keep your head in the clouds ALL the time.
Aerie: Well, it was just a thought.
Mazzy: And it wasn't a bad one. But it's not likely that the gods are going to revamp the halflings and come out with a "third edition," as it were, now, is it?
Aerie: Oh, you never know. The gods do strange things sometimes.

With Anomen[]

Anomen: In truth, when the Order sees my worth, I'll no longer need to travel with lowly folk such as you there, halfling.
Mazzy: It does not befit an aspiring knight to speak in such a manner.
Anomen: Never will I heed a lowly halfling! Hold your tongue lest I cut it from your cursed mouth.
Mazzy: Listen you must, Anomen, if you hope to learn. You are only a youth, so I shall let your insults melt away. I say only what a paladin would say in my place.
Anomen: Your implication is correct. You are no paladin, nor shall you ever be. Learn your place, for I shall suffer your delusions no longer.
1. Player: Enough! Silence yourself and fall behind me now! We haven't the time to waste on these pointless arguments.
Anomen: We have greater responsibilities, so I shall fall behind you. But do not accustom yourself to ordering me about like a common peasant.
Mazzy: No knight would speak such things.
2. Player: No more bickering. We are a party and should act as such.
Anomen: As you will have it. I shall stay my hand for now.

With Cernd[]

Cernd: Truly, mankind was never meant to scurry beneath the land as a weasel or mole. We have not the eyes for such delving. It is a task better suited to the dwarven folk.
Mazzy: Surely, Cernd, your companions shall stand by you as we descend into the bowels of the earth.
Cernd: Worry not, Mazzy, my discomfort is minor. I stumble now and then, but bats find their way on a simple screech, and I do fine with a similar "help" on occasion.
Mazzy: There is no shame in admitting your fears. It is the only way that you might face them.
Cernd: There is truth to what you say, but I hesitate only because I prefer to recognize my fears in the light of day. I feel uncomfortable away from open skies.
Mazzy: Then I shall be the staff that you lean upon in your time of need.
Cernd: Ah, Mazzy, what a gentle soul you have. I shall always be pleased to have you by my side, but you needn't worry so about me.
Others will have more need of the stave you offer, but I will walk by your side without leaning. Lead on, stalwart halfling, I shall follow without fear!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: I must say, Mazzy, you are proving to be quite unique among the halflings I've met in my experience.
Mazzy: How do you mean?
Cernd: I meant no offense, of course. You have certainly found your own balance within yourself, despite how far that deviates from traditional fields.
Mazzy: I do not think of that much. I just felt there was something I had to do with my life. The hearth still calls to me, but... but...
Cernd: Regrets? I should hope not. You are a shining example.
Mazzy: Thank you for that, but sometimes... Ah well. We all could have been something else. Someone else.

With Dorn[]

Dorn: I would speak with you, paladin.
Mazzy: I am no paladin, as you well know.
Dorn: Ah yes. The position is beyond your reach. I had forgotten.
Mazzy: I doubt that.
Dorn: You wound me, dear lady.
Mazzy: I think it takes more than words to wound you.
Dorn: You are right about that.
Mazzy: What do you want with me, half-orc?
Dorn: I have an offer for you.
Mazzy: You have nothing I want.
Dorn: My patron might.
Mazzy: What is— You would tempt me to become a blackguard?
Dorn: My patron is always looking for other beings to empower.
Mazzy: Other souls to corrupt, you mean.
Dorn: I'll not deny it.
Mazzy: I'll deny you, you and your patron both. You insult my honor!
Dorn: Far from it. To make such an offer is a sign of the deepest respect.
Mazzy: Go back to the Hell whence you came, beast! I want nothing to do with you!
Dorn: Your loss.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: That one of your limited stature should be so irritating... it is truly impressive.
Mazzy: I'm amazed you can walk three steps without tripping over your own ego.
Dorn: Hrm. You are a vile pest, halfling, but you are not without wit.
Mazzy: And you are an overgrown half-orc brute without a shred of moral fibre or decency...
Dorn: But?
Mazzy: There is no but. That's all.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: Mazzy, your beauty and exuberance are a sheer delightful waste. I enjoy you in your own right. For someone so short, you are quite a delightfully comely lass.
Mazzy: Damning me with faint praise, Edwin? I'm flattered that the man who taught Elminster magic and Drizzt how to fight would stoop so low as to notice little old me.
Edwin: I do stoop to conquer, and lay down to indulge. My bedroll always has extra room, Mazzy. Too much of a decadent thing is wonderful.
Mazzy: And so it shall always be vacant, wizard. When science finally locates the center of the planes, I'm sure you'll be taken aback to find that you're not it.

Mazzy: Listen carefully, mage. I have noticed you launch your spells in battle without first making sure one of us is not in the way. If you hurt anyone, I will kill you. Is that clear enough?
Edwin: (No doubt my kneecaps are in some danger.) Halfling, here you stand still living thanks to the use of my magic. Question me not.
Mazzy: I shall never need that kind of assistance in a battle. You threaten us much as our enemies with your carelessness. Your recklessness will not be tolerated.
You have been warned, Edwin. Do not think to test my resolve; I will act for the best of the group.
Edwin: Quite a mouthful for one of a servant race. I understand your warning and will take it for what it's worth. Begone!

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: Mazzy, Mazzy, Mazzy. All the ferocity of Cattie-Brie in a package half her size! ...You would have made a fine and noble knight, my little falcon.
Mazzy: And I shall, Haer'Dalis. I shall.
Haer'Dalis: Aye, falcon... Aye, I believe it.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Mazzy: Haer'Dalis, why are you constantly staring at me? Do you see something strange?
Haer'Dalis: Not strange, my tiny hawk... amazing. A great actor may play a giant, and though he stands no taller, he seems to tower over his fellows on the stage.
Mazzy: Are you saying I look... taller?
Haer'Dalis: Not in the physical sense. But recently, when I look at you, I see not only a valiant halfling, but also a warrior-giantess of virtue striding the earth.
Mazzy: Then I shall thank you for the compliment... though I still think it rude to stare.

With Hexxat[]

Mazzy: I've held my tongue long enough—for too long, if the truth be known.
1. Player: Mazzy? Is everything all right?
Mazzy: Nothing is right! Nothing can be right while we count this vile creature among our number.
Dorn: (if present in party) You have a problem with me?
Mazzy: Many. But all are dwarfed by my issues with the vampire.
Korgan: (if present in party) Hey! I'm standin' right here, ye halfling god-botherer!
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence?
Mazzy: You are a creature of darkness. You should not be allowed to walk the earth, much less walk it at <CHARNAME>'s and my side.
Hexxat: You are too quick to judge—
Mazzy: Your smooth tongue may have won over the others, Hexxat. But I see clearly.
1. Player: I'm not sure you do.
Mazzy: She's blinded you, <CHARNAME>—turned you down the path to darkness.
1. Player: Hexxat is my friend.
Mazzy: (if the player has more than 16 Charisma) This—THING—is no friend of mine. If you stand with her, then you will stand forever without me. *leaves party*
Hexxat: Farewell, Mazzy. I am sorry it came to this.
I really am sorry, <CHARNAME>. I wish there were something I could do to make people like her see me as who I am rather than what they believe me to be.
1. Player: The day may come when such bigotry is no longer accepted.
Hexxat: It can't come soon enough.
2. Player: Nobody said being an undead creature of the night would be easy.
Hexxat: Would that I could be so casual in the face of such unthinking hatred as you, <CHARNAME>.
1. Player: What can I say? It's a gift. *ends conversation*
2. Player: You know what they say, Hexxat: practice, practice, practice. *ends conversation*
3. Player: Casual? Nay. The hatred of others inspires me to greater and greater feats—to stymie those who would see me fall is the greatest pleasure.
Hexxat: An intriguing philosophy. I'll reflect upon it.
3. Player: Forget the halfling. We are stronger without her.
Hexxat: Would that I could ignore such unthinking hatred as easily as you, <CHARNAME>.
Mazzy: (if the player has 16 or less Charisma) You call this thing friend?
Then bid your friend farewell! *attacks Hexxat*
2. Player: You're the blind one, Mazzy. Blind with hatred.
Mazzy: I see clearly—would that you could say the same.
This—THING—is no friend of mine (...)
3. Player: I was walking that path long before I encountered Hexxat.
Mazzy: Then keep walking it—without me. *leaves party*
2. Player: Peace, Mazzy. We are friends here, are we not?
Mazzy: This—THING—is no friend of mine (...)
3. Player: If you see so clearly, then why do you not act?
Mazzy: For your sake, <CHARNAME>. But if you've no objection, I'll be happy to deal with this now.
Hexxat: You won't be so happy when this is done, halfling. *attacks Mazzy*
2. Player: Well, hold it no longer! What's the problem?
Mazzy: The problem is the monster you've taken to your breast.
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence? (...)
3. Player: I can tell there'll be no holding it back now.
Mazzy: You have invited a viper into our midst. It cannot stand!
Hexxat: You have some issue with my presence? (...)

Throne of Bhaal only :

Hexxat: Thank you, Mazzy.
Mazzy: You have nothing to thank me for.
Hexxat: I saw what you did in that last fight. You put yourself in harm's way to protect me.
Mazzy: That was for <CHARNAME>, not you. As long as <HE/SHE> needs you, I will treat you like any other member of our party.
Hexxat: I appreciate it.
Mazzy: I am not required to be anything beyond cordial, however. I've no desire to speak with you unless it concerns the welfare of our group.
Hexxat: I'm sorry to hear that.
Mazzy: I am sorry to say it. But it's the truth nevertheless.

With Imoen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Mazzy: Forgive me, Imoen, if I'm being too inquisitive, but I simply must know. Are you feeling any ill effects from the taint on your soul?
Imoen: Ill effects? What kind of ill effects? Irritableness? Nausea, tone deafness, sudden cravings for pasta in the middle of the night? That sort of thing?
Mazzy: I'm being serious. <CHARNAME> became the Slayer once, under stress... we must watch for similar signs in you.
Imoen: There's no guarantee that I'll do anything like <CHARNAME>, Mazzy. It may be too early to tell, even, for me... and even then I may not gain any of the powers <CHARNAME> has.
Mazzy: So are you saying you feel *no* different?
Imoen: Well... a little, maybe. I won't say it's been easy, but I don't know how you can help me, Mazzy.
Mazzy: Having an extra friend certainly couldn't hurt, Imoen.
Imoen: I suppose you're right. Thanks.

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: Oh, omnipresent authority figure, what are your commands now?
Mazzy: Jaheira, there is a level of sarcasm in your tone that is perhaps unnecessary. We have a leader that honestly tries to anticipate our needs...
1. Player: Heed Mazzy well, Jaheira.
Mazzy: As I was saying, <HE/SHE> has enough trouble keeping this ragtag group together. Perhaps it would be better to be more constructive, and less...
Jaheira: Bitchy?
Mazzy: If that is how you wish to put it, yes.
Jaheira: Worry not for the feelings of <CHARNAME>, small one, as <HE/SHE> and I go far back and have an understanding of sorts.
Mazzy: As you will. It was only a humble suggestion. I've no wish to intrude upon your relationship with <CHARNAME>.
2. Player: "Tries," Mazzy?
Mazzy: Excuse me. <CHARNAME> IS a good leader, and it is difficult enough to keep the group together. Perhaps you could be more constructive, and less...
Jaheira: Bitchy? (...)

If Jaheira has less than 15% HP :

Jaheira: My injuries sting, but I think it is mostly my pride that hurts. But we did well enough in our last battle, did we not? I'll wager we may outlive the season if we are careful.
Mazzy: That we might, though this was surely but a small scuffle. Our battles will loom larger as we garner more enemies.
Jaheira: You do not seem worried at this prospect.
Mazzy: Our virtue will guide the way. We shall not falter.

With Jan[]

Mazzy: Jan, I find you to be quite the enigma. This adventure has yielded us a crop of useful magical items, and yet you turn your considerable powers to the never-ending quest to create the perfect turnip peeler.
How can someone who's so clever be so shortsighted?
Jan: Well, Mazzy, you're really asking two questions there. My shortsightedness was passed to me by my dear departed father. I was born with the condition, and I'll thank you not to stare! As to your other question, it takes me back to my carefree days as a deckhand on a turnip merchant galleon. We sailed for distant Waterdeep, we did, braving foul seas, foul tempers, and a desperate band of turnip pirates.
Mazzy: You are mentally incapable of answering a straight question, aren't you, gnome?
Jan: 'Twas on a cold winter's night near the beginning of the Great Underwear Shortage that we set sail. I danced naked on the poop deck, which was the custom at the time. Well, my nose and other extremities were getting a bit frosty, so I gathered up the tatters of my poor, abused underwear and headed to the crow's nest.
Mazzy: Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Jan: Well, I never! You did ask, after all.
Mazzy: SHUT UP!

When in a forest :

Mazzy: All of the evil in the world cannot keep one from admiring the beauty of the earth.
Jan: Very true, lassie. You must work with potatoes.
Mazzy: How might one make that assumption?
Jan: Hmm? Oh, I thought it was obvious. Never had your pegged for a slow one, but you never can tell. Allow me to spell it out... you see, about fifteen years ago, I was employed by a mage of no small caliber. Golodon the Unmanned was his name. Good teeth. Nice smell. Vicious streak a mile wide.
Mazzy: This is not making any sense, Jan.
Jan: He couldn't have children, of course. Nasty cone of cold accident, you see. Regardless, his tower wasn't far from Athkatla, and I managed to gain employment with the old elf for a while. Mondays were particularly amusing. Golodon would start the day off by summoning an imp. He'd usually spend three or four hours making it run around the room barking like a dog.
But, as it was with Golodon, he soon tired of the sport. He had a beautiful mastiff named Buffy. Her diet consisted almost entirely of imps. Imp doesn't taste half bad when it's fried with a bit of garlic and butter. Goes well with turnips too.
Mazzy: What, pray tell, does this have to do with the presumption that I work with potatoes?
Jan: Oh, right. So anyway, Golodon's ex-wife lived no more than two hundred paces from the mage's tower. My primary job was poisoning her food, though occasionally I'd have to clean up Buffy's excrement. She had managed to build quite the resistance to mandrake. Golodon's ex-wife, that is, not the dog.
It was truly a magical time in my life. I haven't been as happy poisoning someone since then. I was also, of course, poisoning Golodon on his ex-wife's behalf. She did pay handsomely.
Word has it that Golodon has finally kicked the bucket, if you get my drift. Died of malaria complicated by a fireball down his throat. Apparently, Golodon's old nemesis returned. Dradu or Dradeen or some such name. The old bastard would occasionally mention this enemy when he was particularly drunk. The two of them had stolen some valuable artifacts from the Gibbering Twelve.
Golodon blackjacked poor Dradunce and split with the magic. He later realized that he should have killed Dreedle and, cold-hearted fool that he was, sent assassins to finish the job. Drafeel disappeared, though his body was never found. It worried Golodon to no end.
Mazzy: Perhaps we should be concentrating on our journey, good gnome.
Jan: I can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for him. He did fire me after all. Do you know why?
Mazzy: I neither know nor care.
Jan: That was a bit rude. I take my potato comment back, missy!
Mazzy: Where in the heavens did this potato remark arise in the first place?
Jan: I don't know if I'm talking to you anymore.
Mazzy: Fine, fine! I'd rather not hear the story anyway.
Jan: If you must know, it was during my time as a mobile turnip vendor.
Mazzy: Jan, though I respect you, I must say that you are quite infuriating. Please desist; we have things to accomplish.
Jan: Twice a week I'd head out to the country to pick up my product. The turnip fields were owned by my uncle Scratchy. Interesting fellow, by the way. Remind me to tell you about him some time.
Mazzy: Are you even listening to me?
Jan: Each trip I made, I would stop to talk to the halfling lass that worked in Uncle Scratchy's potato operation. The girl had had a very difficult life. She lost her parents to an orc attack when she was just a girl. She'd been a slave for the foul beasts until Aunt Petunia freed her.
The girl told me that, no matter how much evil she saw or had inflicted upon her, the simple pleasure of honest work and the feel of the earth beneath her feet always reminded her of how lucky she really was. Her outlook was not unlike your own, dear Mazzy.
Mazzy: A noble tale in the end, Jan, though I'm continually puzzled by your need to inflict twenty minutes of inane yarns on your listeners before getting to the point.
Jan: And that, lassie, is why you are not a consummate tale-spinner. Don't worry, I'll teach you yet.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Jan: Mazzy, dear, have I ever told you about my Aunt Petunia the ranger?
Mazzy: Yes, Jan, I have already heard that tale, thank you.
Jan: Really? Are you quite sure? This is the one where she...
Mazzy: Yes, that's the one. One of your best, but I have heard it before.
Jan: Well then, let me regale you with tales of my years as a...
Mazzy: I have heard that one as well, Jan.
Jan: But I didn't even say anything! Ah, here's one I KNOW you haven't heard. Back when I was...
Mazzy: I am sorry to disappoint you, Jan, but I already know that one too.
Jan: A-HA! I made that last one up just to test you, Mazzy! There is no such story.
Mazzy: You mean to say you have been telling us falsehoods this whole time, Jan? I am so very, very disappointed in you. Since you admit to your dishonesty, I can no longer in good conscience listen to your stories ever again.
Jan: Huh... that really didn't go the way I expected.

With Keldorn[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Keldorn: Mazzy, my girl, you are a halfling of most extraordinary courage! I am proud to serve beside you!
Mazzy: Sir Keldorn, I have idolized you since I was a girl! You don't know how much it means to hear you say that!
Keldorn: You are too kind, but thank me not. You deserve all praise. You have earned it!

With Korgan[]

Korgan: Be aware, Mazzy, I've something long, hard, and low to the ground ye're free to touch and fondle. Child, no need to glare! 'Twas me axe I was referring to... it's a joke!
Mazzy: Your sense of humor has no sense in it, Korgan. Quite tasteless, and I'd appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself!
Korgan: Were ye aware, Mazzy, that despite my gruff bearing and taciturn manner, I am also trained in the erotic arts?
Mazzy: Please, Korgan, if I wanted to know the nature of your leisure time, I'm sure I would have asked.
Perhaps your smarm impresses the brazen strumpets at the Coronet, but you have to do better than that with this girl, beardy.
Korgan: Ahhh, Mazzy, the sweetest flowers always resist the plucking. The fire doth burn most brightly in ye fer ol' Korgan... I can see that plain as day.
Mazzy: What's in your wineskin, bellybuilder? A potion of delusion is my guess.

Korgan: Ye know, Mazzy, I'm a poet of fair renown back home. Here's a mere trifle:
"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life be a broken bird that cannae fly."
Mazzy: That's delightful, Korgan. Not lengthy, but effective.
Korgan: Aye. Wrote it after a liquor-induced dervish o' temper, whereby a tavern was flattened and me helmet dented.
Mazzy: Any other masterpieces of prose hiding anywhere?
Korgan: Aye... carved this one on the wall of the lav at the Red Sheaf Inn, reckon it still causes an uproar each time a bowler uncoils his business.
"I were here; alas I'm gone; left me name, to arouse thee on, They who know me, know me well; those who don't can ride me stinking dump, straight to hell" Haha! Masterstroke!
Mazzy: I'm sure your mead-bellied kin would appreciate that lowbrow nonsense, but I don't. And here I thought you might have some values or sense.

Korgan: I've an elf-knot in my neck from strainin' to admire the whole of yer beauty, Mazzy. Calf's skin suits yer form mightily, girl.
Mazzy: Must you be so urgent and clumsy in your one-handed courting, Korgan? Perhaps your time could be best spent elsewhere?
Korgan: The cruelest of weapons and the gentlest of touches, milady, that's what the words that leave yer lips be to me.
It's no secret I've nae the longest beard or the most comely countenance, but the Bloodaxes 'ave charm when need be, and ye are deserving of me flattery, Mazzy.
Mazzy: If I hadn't heard it myself, Korgan, I'd have doubted it steadfastly. Perhaps a heart does beat beneath that armored chest, not a daub of stone.
Korgan: Don't let word get about. I've a reputation to protect, girl. Ye'd ruin it twice over.
I've a terrific elf-knot near strangling me... right here. Can ye help me with those nimble fingers and delicate manner?
Mazzy: Only if it will cease your fawning. Stand still and I'll work that kink from your neck... but if you breach the rules of chivalry, I'll wring it while I'm there.

When in a city :

Korgan: Longlimbs! Look at them! Like grubworms scurryin' away from the light o' day. All avoidin' pain, on the prowl fer pleasure. Nae facin' uncertain futures. Best all dead, I reckon.
Mazzy: Korgan, I know not whether to berate you for your unsolicited comments or for your mantra of genocide.
Korgan: I did nae know ye were within earshot, girl. 'Twas a wee pondering, nothin' more. I enjoy making fun of the big folk.
Mazzy: No one likes to be insulted, least of all tall folk. You just seem too preoccupied with violence to get along with people, to notice beauty about you.
Korgan: I know of what ye speak of, Mazzy. I nae blind to it entirely. Treachery, theft, plunder. Hatred here, killing there. Nae respect fer heritage or the Way.
Mazzy: What are you talking about, Korgan?
Korgan: What do I talk of? Clan against clan, oceans of bloodshed, rivers of tears. And fer what? A tunnel or two. A vein of gold or silver.
Mazzy: I'm... I'm listening...
Korgan: Me mam were murdered. Nay by troll or giant, but by kindred, by one of me own. Pa had ta cut me from her while she heaved her death rattle.
Five harvests on, he were killed too, right in front o' me. I built his pyre, and black smoke showed me I were alone. So ye'll forgive me bad manner where the true nature of beasts is reckoned on.
Mazzy: I'm sorry to hear that, Korgan, but as pained as the past may be, try to be civil while we are traveling in human civilization. They didn't make your past.
Korgan: With due respect, Lady Mazzy, 'tis not civil. Longlimbs be victims of passion far more than me. The brief lifetimes, I reckon, be the core of their rage.
Be wise to this: If there be corruption in me, Mazzy, 'tis only the cost of sleeping amongst the enemy.
Mazzy: We are all responsible for ourselves. I sorrow at the pain of your youth, but you could defeat your anguish. You've no claim to self-pity.
Korgan: Lady Mazzy, sorry for any offense, truly, but I've cradled too many dyin' comrades and nae amount of resolve can keep the darkness at bay.
Ye must roar into the blackness, wage war with fear, and battle pain. 'Tis the only way when carnage be yer crown of thorns.
Mazzy: Then why don't you save your rage for the evil beasts that plague us all, be we human, dwarf, or halfling?
Korgan: Out of respect for ye, I shall try.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Korgan: Ahh, Mazzy. We've traveled together, you an' I, fer such a length o' time. Ye know it's just a matter of time before we end up together, aye?
Mazzy: Don't be ridiculous! I know of no such thing.
Korgan: Ye may deny it, lass, but I see the fire burnin' in yer eyes. Ahhh, it shall be a glorious thing indeed when ye gives into yer heart.
Mazzy: The only thing in my heart, Korgan, is disgust. Disgust at your lack of manners, your lack of civility, and yes, your lack of basic decency. You are nothing like Patrick.
Korgan: Eh? An' this be a bad thing? Who is this Patrick o' yers?
Mazzy: I will not speak of him to you, Korgan, except to say that he was decent and good in all the ways that you are not. He died nobly fighting the Shade Lord, and I shall honor him forever in my heart.
Korgan: Ach! I cannae be expected t' compete against a ghost, lass!
Mazzy: Indeed you cannot. And I do not expect you to.
Korgan: He were a lucky man then, Mazzy, to have such a loyal lass as ye.
Mazzy: He... I... thank you, Korgan. I miss him. Now let us speak no more of this.

Throne of Bhaal only, after the previous conversation :

Mazzy: Korgan? While I may rue the fact that I even brought the subject up, I feel compelled to ask you something.
Korgan: Aha! I knew ye'd give in to yer heart sooner or later! So, what's it to be, lass? A kiss an' a tickle now or later?
Mazzy: You see? This is exactly it! Besides the fact that I have rebuffed every advance, you yet live under this delusion? Why, Korgan? Why do you even bother?
Korgan: I bother because ye're a sweet thing, lass. Ye're a halfling of a like I've ne'er seen before, an' I kin afford to be persistent.
Mazzy: Persistence is irrelevant in this case, Korgan. Please stop. It makes me very uncomfortable.
Korgan: 'Twas ye who brought th' subject up, Mazzy. There be truth in that, I think.
Mazzy: Well, now I do regret it after all.
Korgan: So... I suppose a tickle be out of th' question then, aye?
Mazzy: You are a disgusting brute. Leave me be.

Throne of Bhaal only, after the previous conversation :

Korgan: I've a small question for ye, lass, if ye'll be so kind not t' run off on me this time.
Mazzy: *sigh* I'll promise not to run, Korgan, but if this is just another base attempt at flattery...
Korgan: Nay, nay, lass. It be just a small question.
Mazzy: Then ask.
Korgan: I need to know, Mazzy. If it were not for this Patrick fellow ye mentioned... if ye did nae know th' man at all... would I even have a chance with ye?
Mazzy: Korgan, this is outrageous! Of all the—
Korgan: I be completely serious! I just have t' know! Just answer th' bloody question!
Mazzy: *sigh* Well... if it will assuage your bruised ego. If Patrick did not exist, and had not died nobly by my side...
Korgan: Aye? Aye?
Mazzy: And if you weren't a cruel bastard and a complete oaf with barely enough redeeming qualities to count on one hand...
Korgan: Aye? Yes?
Mazzy: Well, then... perhaps. I might give you a chance. A small one.
Korgan: YES! A-HA! She love me, she does! The bloody dwarf hasn't lost it! The girl be MINE!
Mazzy: But... I just... *groan* Oh, never mind. I've developed a bad headache suddenly...

With Minsc[]

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: Minsc has had the pleasure of standing next to many a warrior in battle, but I swear, I have never been as impressed as I am with you, Mazzy.
Mazzy: And what follows now? A comment of how grand I am for one so small? Your compliments are insults lightly veiled.
Minsc: Minsc does not insult those that fight with honor on the side of right! You may not be as big as Minsc, but very few are.
Besides, Boo would nae speak for a week if I picked on the tiny. I am not good with words, but I will fight by your side at a hat's drop.
Mazzy: You speak plain and true despite your battles with language. I apologize for thinking your tone a harsh one.

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: You are a sight in battle, young Mazzy! Boo has keen interest in the small, and Minsc takes great joy in the honor of combat, hehe, so you are doubly worthy of our company.
Mazzy: I never know if I can take your words as they are, Minsc, or if they carry some hidden meaning or riddle that must be solved. I trust you are approving of my skills then?
Minsc: I could not be more so! Don't look for subtle messages, I keep nothing hidden. I help the weak and leave evil in my boot print. You are similar... Boo can tell.
Mazzy: Ahh yes, Boo. Your animal companion and guide.
I have had friends with such attachments before, but never have I met someone so... absorbed in the relationship. Still, you seem all the better for it.

If Minsc has less than 20% HP :

Minsc: Arrgh! Minsc could use a healing touch. Oh, poor Boo; the sight of blood does make him tremble so.
Mazzy: With Arvoreen's blessing, such a touch may come to me, but for now, we'd best get your wounds dressed by another.
Minsc: You would seek the path of paladin? A difficult road, and you will find many barriers that sword will not break.
Mazzy: Through acts of kindness and by living the example, I see no reason I should be denied this. Do you think me not fit because of my parentage?
Minsc: Ahh, Boo, Minsc has placed his feet where his head should go once more. No, Mazzy, I meant only that it is a path that is difficult regardless.
I could not do it, despite my hunt of all things evil. I don't think anyone suspects, but... but I am not the smartest person.
Mazzy: *snicker* No, Minsc, rest assured I did not suspect such a thing. Your heart is pure though, and that will see you through.
Minsc: You are more like Boo than Minsc. Boo is small, but he is more than people would believe. Evil will see you like they see Boo, and that will help you in the end.
Mazzy: Minsc, you are a constant surprise to me. And Boo is just the cutest little fuzzy wuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy.

If Mazzy dies :

Minsc: NOOO! Such a vile act will not go unpunished! Minsc will see this paladin's heart avenged! And Boo shall burrow through your black little souls!

If Mazzy gets resurrected :

Minsc: Mazzy! You walk with the living once more! Minsc was so scar... uh... well... Boo! Boo was so scared you were lost to us, but miracles have brought you back!
Mazzy: Stand easy, Minsc, all is well. Though I am a bit... woozy. Praise the Defender, I have been brought back.
Surely such a thing would not be allowed if I were following the wrong path? This shall be my rebirth... after I rest for a bit.
Minsc: Of course, brave little one. See, Boo, she is well and as she was. You were foolish to have been worried. Yes... you were.

With Nalia[]

If in a city :

Nalia: Look how these people squander their wealth. Children lie starving in the street while the wealthy concern themselves with acquiring the latest Calimshan silks.
I'm sure that, as we speak, the nobles argue over the relative benefits of white and red Evermeet wine, merely 1,000 gold pieces per glass.
Mazzy: You are angry, my friend. This I understand implicitly. Injustice and indifference have always been the banes of our society. I often suspect that these sins pose more of a danger to us than any dragon ever could.
But with all things there are two sides. Oppose injustice, but do so wisely. Some rich may act as they do because in their lives they are told or even forced.
Nalia: Ignorance has always been a convenient excuse for the rich to live out their lives in comfort.
Mazzy: The trappings of one's family and past are not easy to throw away. It takes more than a glimpse of poverty to bring an epiphany to someone.
Nalia: It can be done. My noble birth does not affect my actions today, but I do agree that most nobility will not understand poverty until they suffer it themselves.
Mazzy: That may be true, but by casting the rich down, are we not merely creating a new impoverished class?
Nalia: For a time, yes. But the poor understand what it's like to be trampled upon. They would show compassion.
Mazzy: Nalia... no offense, but you are not poor; your children will not starve. You empathize, but you may be blinded by the romance of saving the impoverished.
Allow me to tell you a tale. In a distant barony, there was a village, lorded over by a cruel baron given to excesses of body and spirit.
Comely lasses of the village were taken for his personal harem, and he taxed heavily to pay for his pleasures. His guards kept order under threat of death.
Now, it came to pass that a man named Kalos fell in love with a woman named Dana. A marriage was set for after harvest. Kalos and Dana were filled with joy.
Soon after, the baron came to the village collecting taxes. He saw the beautiful Dana, and he had his guards take her so that he could possess her.
When Kalos heard Dana was gone, he and his friends took up what arms they could. They stormed the baron's manor unthinking, like men gone berserk.
Kalos himself killed the baron, and holding Dana, his rage passed. Then he saw the richness of the manor, and thought of how unfairly and poorly he had lived.
He took the golden chain of rank, placed it on his own head, and sent his young men out to collect his taxes, for was not he now the baron?
Anyone can be weak, Nalia. We like to hope that the oppressed never become the oppressor, that we would behave better than those above. Alas, it is not always so.
Nalia: Perhaps this is something that I should think upon, but I still say there is no excuse for the actions of some.
Mazzy: That is all I can ask, Nalia. In the meantime, as I have heard it said: We be adventurers; let us adventure.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Nalia: Ow! What was that for, Mazzy? Why did you bump me?
Mazzy: To remind you to keep your eyes on the road ahead. You were far away from here, Nalia, and in our current life, that can mean death in an instant.
Nalia: I was *not* daydreaming, Mazzy. I was considering several spell incantations... spells which might serve to save you someday, I might add.
Mazzy: I didn't say you were daydreaming. But there is little difference.
Nalia: There is *plenty* of difference. I am no longer the dreamy, pathetic girl that could barely put together a cantrip. I'm an archmage!
Mazzy: You needn't prove anything to me, Nalia. You were never pathetic, and I know how powerful you are now.
Nalia: It takes a lot of work! I have to be careful with spells of this magnitude!
Mazzy: I know. But do you know, Nalia, that you aren't responsible for the death of your father? Just because you weren't powerful enough then?
Nalia: I... I *wish*...
Mazzy: So do I. But there's nothing to be done. I am a much greater warrior now... I might have saved Patrick had I been greater then. But it wasn't to be.
Learn to reconcile that. Keep your eyes on what lies ahead... it's the only way to find peace with yourself.
Nalia: I suppose you're right. You're a good friend, Mazzy.

With Neera[]

Mazzy: What code do you live by, Neera?
Neera: Oh, I'm not really into codes. If you want to pass on a secret message, there are spells for that. Codes SOUND like fun, but it's hard enough to communicate as it is. Why come up with ways to make it even harder?
Mazzy: That's not what I meant. I wanted to know about your ethical code—the set of beliefs that guides your actions.
Neera: My ethical code? Huh. I've never really thought about it. I guess I don't have one.
Mazzy: Then what principles guide you when you're making a hard decision?
Neera: No principles! I just work out the best thing to do.
Mazzy: But how do you determine what is best?
Neera: Gut instinct? Intuition? Rolling the dice? Drawing lots? Having inklings? Why do you care so much?
Mazzy: I care because if I were you, I would find that unsatisfying. My conscience would not be clear.
Neera: Good thing you're not me. To me, your "ethical code" doesn't seem very different from the secret codes I was talking about. It SOUNDS like a good idea, but in the end it just makes figuring things out more difficult.
Mazzy: Some things should be difficult to figure out.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Neera: Gah! Damn it!
Mazzy: Have I offended you, Neera?
Neera: No! Your stupid god has!
Mazzy: Watch your tone, girl. Arvoreen does not take insults lightly. I will not hear his name slandered!
Neera: I'm sorry, it's just—ugh! How can you NOT be angry at him?
Mazzy: Why would I? He affords me all I need and more. He would have my love and devotion even were that not true.
Neera: I don't get it. You want to be a paladin, HIS paladin. You're qualified, and you've done so much good in his name. Why would he not make you a paladin?
Mazzy: Devotion is its own reward, Neera. Yes, I aspire to be a paladin, but if it is not to be, it is not to be. There is no point in getting angry about it.
Neera: It just doesn't seem fair.
Mazzy: Life is not fair, Neera. It is just life.

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: ...So even though you've the abilities of the paladin, you aren't one?
Mazzy: Sadly, no.
Rasaad: Surely what's in your heart is what matters.
Mazzy: You might think so. But the gods are fickle...
Rasaad: Perhaps, some day, there will be fewer restrictions on those who may carry the banner of their chosen god as paladins.
Mazzy: I dream of such a day.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Mazzy: Take heart, Rasaad! The day is fine and our victories plentiful. Melancholy ill suits you.
Rasaad: You mistake contemplation for melancholy. Do not be deceived. I am glad of our success.
Mazzy: Your eyes tell a different story. Whatever demons you wrestle with, my friend, know that we stand steadfast behind you.
Rasaad: I appreciate that, Mazzy, truly. But there is nothing to worry about.

With Sarevok[]

If Sarevok is still evil :

Mazzy: What is it, fiend? Why do you continue to stare at me? Out with it!
Sarevok: Do not presume to order me about, small one. A fighter's skill you may have, but it is still contained within the form of nothing but a mouse.
Mazzy: Insult me if you wish, I have no fear of you.
Sarevok: You would have plenty to fear if you were not one of <CHARNAME>'s companions. I would crush you like the insect you are.
Mazzy: I have no fear of that either, even were it such a simple task. Which it would not be.
Sarevok: I suppose you claim you have no fear of death? I have encountered many who have made such a claim. All entered the beyond pleading like old women for their worthless lives.
Mazzy: Only the evil truly fear death. They spend their lives collecting power over others, clawing for anything they can get that is not theirs. But when evil dies, there is nothing left for them but their hate.
Sarevok: Bah! And what awaits you at your death, little paladin? An eternal reward by your favorite deity?
Mazzy: Peace. The peace of a clear conscience and a life well lived.
Sarevok: I have never known peace. I doubt I would even want such a useless thing.
Mazzy: Then for your sake, Sarevok, I hope all the more that you one day find it.

With Valygar[]

At night, if Mazzy has more than 5 fatigue :

Mazzy: Goodman Valygar! I tire. Would you please prepare my bedroll and fetch extra wood for the fire? There seems to be a chill in the air.
Valygar: Hmm... as the lady wishes.
Mazzy: My equipment needs a measure of cleaning as well. If you are through with your own preparations, would you see to this?
Valygar: Mazzy, I have honored your requests as any gentleman would, but this is too much.
Mazzy: I did not intend to burden. Indeed, I thought the role would flatter. Every knight needs a squire; I had hoped you would be honored.
Valygar: Well, I suppose I am in a way, but I wasn't aware that I had been chosen.
Mazzy: Perhaps I should have made a formal request, but... I am new to this as well... There is none other more fit to be my squire. You are a gentleman... a friend.
Valygar: It's not that I am not flattered, Mazzy, but it's just that...
Mazzy: Have I erred? Just what?
Valygar: Ahhh... nothing. Nothing at all...

After the previous conversation :

Mazzy: I have been thinking, Squire Valygar. Once this is all over, perhaps Waterdeep would be a good place for us to travel.
Valygar: *sigh* I am not your squire, Mazzy.
Mazzy: I've heard many fine things about the city, and I would like to see it at least once. We can stop at Dragonspear on the way.
Valygar: Why would you want to go to Waterdeep? It's a crowded, dirty place filled to the walls with humanity. I can't think of anything less appealing.
Mazzy: Well, have you ever been there?
Valygar: Well, no, but—
Mazzy: Then there's no harm in seeing it at least once, is there?
Valygar: I've no intention of setting foot inside the place, Mazzy. And I've given no thought as to where I will go once this is done.
Mazzy: But... that's not how a squire should talk... not to a real knight...
Valygar: Mazzy, I... *sigh* Very well, if you wish to go to Waterdeep, I will at least accompany you part of the way... though I would prefer to travel to Neverwinter.
Mazzy: A fair trade! Thank... thank you Valygar. I am lucky to have your aid.

If Valygar has less than 20% HP but more than 1 :

Mazzy: Valygar! You've been wounded!
Valygar: 'Tis but a flesh wound, Mistress Mazzy.
Mazzy: To the contrary, it is a serious wound indeed. We must attend to it immediately.
Valygar: You are very kind, Mazzy.
Mazzy: Truly, I should never have allowed you into harm's way. Worry not, friend Valygar, we shall have you healed in no time.
Valygar: I am flattered by your concern, and I thank you. We shall watch over each other, for that is truly the task of friends.
Mazzy: I am honor-bound to protect you, Squire Valygar. I will not be derelict in that duty again.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Valygar: Mazzy? You and I are close friends, right? So, I, um... I hope you won't take this question the wrong way...
Mazzy: Huh. To begin with a warning can't be good... but I trust you, Valygar. Ask your question.
Valygar: I've seen how you launch yourself into battle. Headlong, heedless of the danger to yourself, and putting all others before your own safety. It's commendable, Mazzy, of course, but...
Mazzy: But what? I should think the actions you describe to be commendable.
Valygar: They are, they are. Heroic, even. But it strikes me sometimes that you are... overcompensating a little? That you are a little embarrassed, even... to be a halfling.
Mazzy: What? How... how *dare* you—
Valygar: You know me, Mazzy. I don't say things idly. But if you say it is none of my business, I'll mention it no more.
Mazzy: There... *may* be some merit to what you say, Valygar. It has not always been easy to travel in human lands as I am. There are so many preconceptions of my kind. I find it all very offensive.
Valygar: And I just wanted to say that you are the most valiant knight I have ever known, human or otherwise. I think it's important that you know that.
Mazzy: Words like that mean... much coming from one I respect. Thank you, Valygar. But... let's move on before the others wonder what has happened to us.

Throne of Bhaal only :

(the Valygar romance was scrapped before the game released, so only the second option of the dialogue will play)

Mazzy: Goodman Valygar, I must admit something to you. The fact that we continue our travels together has been nothing short of a joy for me.
Valygar: I gotta admit, Mazzy, that being your squire has been far more pleasant than I thought it'd be. I assumed I was well versed in the fighting arts... but you've taught me a thing or two.
Mazzy: Did you assume that such would not be the case? Simply because I am a halfling?
Valygar: Certainly not. Vanity, more like. And you needn't be defensive with me. I've often wished I were shorter, after all.
Mazzy: Oh? This is a new one.
Valygar: It's true. Part of my profession involves the use of stealth in the wilderness, and I've felt like nothing more than a giant, clumsy lummox compared to some of the graceful halflings in my old unit.
Mazzy: Ha ha! That is good to hear. But a clumsy lummox you are not, Valygar. Your skills are impressive. There's not a ranger in Trademeet who could perform half so well.
(if Valygar is in a romance with the player:)
Valygar: Now you flatter me. I, ah... I hope you do know that I have developed an... attachment to <CHARNAME>, Mazzy. I... wouldn't want to hurt you, after all...
Mazzy: Ah, my heart still belongs to my poor Patrick, Valygar. But I am grateful that you would think enough of me to spare my feelings. Thank you. I wish you and <CHARNAME> all the best.
Mazzy: That means a lot to me, Mazzy. Let's get back to the others before they miss us, shall we?
(if Valygar is not in a romance with the player:)
Valygar: Now you flatter me. Careful, or we'll make the others gag.
Mazzy: Truly spoken, my squire. Fair enough, then... let's get moving.

With Viconia[]

Mazzy: Listen to me, drow. Though our leader has made the foolish choice of allowing you to join this party, you shall receive no welcome from me. Slayer of innocents! You taint the sun with your evil!
Viconia: Ha! You do not frighten me, tiny pretend-paladin. I've had taller footstools and am little concerned with whatever brawn your diminutive form could muster.
Mazzy: Cruel words will do you little good when your head is on a pike. Step across the line even once, and I will kill you.
Viconia: We shall see when Fate plays her hand who shall be the last one standing.

Viconia: Mazzy, I know little of you. I've the tiniest inkling we've met, or perhaps it was another of your diminutive people. You all look the same to me, I'm afraid.
Mazzy: Viconia, I'm not about to stoop to dignify your sordid taunts.
Viconia: My apologies, Mazzy, I thought you were stooping.

With Yoshimo[]

If Mazzy has less than 20% HP :

Yoshimo: Brave halfling lass! With the scurrying of little feet, you throw yourself into the fray. It is so cute to see the little ones fight. Like a fearless samurai you are, Mazzy.
Mazzy: Honestly, Yoshimo, I am sick and tired of humans and large folk calling me cute!
Yoshimo: I cannot help it! You are like a miniature prophet of doom.
Mazzy: Oh, shut up! I won't seem so cute if I break your legs.
Yoshimo: I meant no offense, Mazzy. You should be flattered! I don't think you're ugly...
Mazzy: If you wish to end this conversation without bruises, you will silence yourself now!
Yoshimo: Yes, mistress.
Mazzy: And don't call me mistress!