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Several Maurezhi are gated into battle when encountering Lea'liyl the fiend in the The Abyssal Plane area.

The InfoBox reflects the 5 Hit Dice variety of these demons.


Though having the physical appearance of a Ghast, they aren't of this creature type.

This demon will typically engage in melee combat after self-protecting with a Blur spell.

If it isn't disrupted, it will also try and cast a Animate Dead (wizard) spell at its closest foe, and perhaps a Hold Person (wizard) at the next closest.

The creature's melee attack packs a wallop and is classified as a non-magical weapon.

The creature can See the invisible.


The Enhanced Edition has changed the creature's general classification from Giant Humanoid to Monster.

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Mod Content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod, and the "Improved Fiends" component will revise the Maurezhi as follows:

Maurezhi 10 HD (cast at 10th level):
Improved Invisibility and Blur, once per day each.
Protection from Magic Weapons, once per five rounds.
Animate Dead, Hold Person, and Cloak of Fear, at will.
Damage Resistance: Poison 100%, Fire and Cold 50%, Electricity 100%.
Magic Resistance:40%.
Immune to most Electricity Spells.
Movement modifier bonus +2.
Begin battle under Improved Invisibility effect.

The Spell Revisions mod will change this creatures Animate Dead spell to Summon Shadows.