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The Master of Thralls is a tanar'ri demon in the Planar Prison, tasked by the Prison Warden to maintain order over all the Thralls in the Warden's pocket-plane.

You! You are the ones who have brought such disruption to this prison and my thralls, eh? Well, this will be the end of that!

He holds the Mastery Orb which he uses to dominate the thralls through a connection to their Thrall Collars. Unless the Orb is destroyed, the only other way to free the thralls is through their violent deaths.


Besides his physical attacks, he will begin combat by immediately summoning two Air Elementals.[1] If the party is already prepared with a Ring of Air Control (sold by Ribald Barterman at Adventurer Mart in Waukeen's Promenade) you can easily charm one elemental to attack the other and/or move it onward to attack the Master of Thralls who cannot hit the elemental (indicated by the combat message "Weapon Ineffective"). The Air Elemental will make short work of the Master, but be sure to get a few hits in on him yourself or you will not receive 16,000 XP, since the master summoned the elemental(s), not you.

The Master of Thralls has an APR of 4, with a THAC0 of 1 and deals 1d10 (slashing) +7 (str) per hit. His attack is considered a non-magical, non-enchanted weapon.

He is immune to normal weapons, poison, charm, confusion, and many other effects (see the InfoBox on the right).


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Modification revises the Master of Thralls, and a bit further if the "Improved Fiends" component is selected. A modified SCS AI is used for smarter tactical behavior. The demon has an improved armor class and THAC0. It also gets an enchanted +3 crushing attack melee weapon. As a demon. certain innate abilities can be used over and over with the only limit being how often they can initiate the ability, and this is typically every three rounds. This particular demon's abilities include:

  • Paralyze (SPIN999)
  • Silence 15' radius (SPIN998)
  • Teleport without Error (at will) (SPIN144)
  • Vampiric Touch (SPIN997)
  • Remove magic at will
  • Death Gaze
  • Invisibility detection by script
  • +9 Movement modifier

Further demon immunities are added to this creature, as is standardized by SCS, examples include Paralyze, Webbed and Entangle effects. SCS also changes the colors and hues of this Demon to a greenish tint so it won't look exactly like a Nabassu.

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