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Mind your tongue, Rasaad. I may no longer be of the Sun Soul, but I earned my title. You ask me why I turned to the Twofold Truth?

— Master of Combat

The Sun Soul Monk Master of Combat is a character from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and part of Rasaad's Journey quest line.


He is one of the members of the Heretic Temple Two-Fold Trust. He will enter the Heretic Temple Interior when the questline triggers his appearance if the temple is threatened by dark forces.

Master of Combat is not intended to be killable upon his first appearance (hence the MINHP1.ITM as an undroppable ring). He has essential dialogue and plays a part to further the questline. He will battle against the Sharran attackers (and his MINHP1 ring will be removed then). You can side with his cause if you wish.

He has all the abilities, immunities and special bonuses afforded to a Sun Soul Monk kit commensurate with his 16th Level experience.


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