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The Mask guardian is a Efreeti that is bound to this plane in order to guard this maze and tomb area. It has several fire-based abilities, and will use its melee weapon, making it a potentially dangerous opponent if unprotected from fire, or a party member that is likely to get struck by melee attacks.


There are six of these guardians placed in six different chambers, all behind a closed door. In order to obtain the six Pieces of Burial Mask needed to form the final Mask of King Strohm III, each must be destroyed.

Each guardian stands at the ready and will be neutral at first. Each one recites a line or two of unique cryptic prose regarding their duty towards guarding the King's tomb. Immediately afterwards will turn hostile.

Each Efreeti will most likely force cast a Fireshield (Red) on self, then a force cast a Fireball spell at the closest opponent, and then force cast Invisibility on self.

The next two actions will probably be a force cast Flame Arrow and then a Flame Strike. Fifteen game seconds will pass, and if the creature is able to function, will begin the cycle again. They never run out of spells, and can't be interrupted, silenced or affected by miscast magic effects (sorry Wizard Slayers). Note that their HD level is susceptible to Death Spell.

During that brief waiting period it may engage in melee combat if there is a detected enemy.

Once its physical form is defeated, the being will disappear into a swirling vortex portal, leaving behind only a Piece of Burial Mask.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod rewrites the AI script for the creature and includes a revised set of spells it can cast and a better ability to recognize opponent protections and certain items worn by its enemies.

Additionally, the creatures are raised to 12 HD Efreeti, with caster level 12/12 mage-cleric ability. The Efreeti will use Invisibility for protection several times, and Fireball, Flame Arrow, Flame Strike, Fire Storm and Magic Missile to attack with. Some of these can be used multiple times and others only once.

The guardian can instantly apply a Fireshield (Red) effect at will, even if removed it can reapply it.

When damaged to a preset threshold the Efreeti will morph into a gaseous cloud form and rapidly regenerate. It is nearly invulnerable while gaseous. Once healed sufficiently, it reforms into an Efreeti and continues the fight. It can do this three times. Note that this creature will often turn invisible and move away from the chamber it is found in, and travel to backline party members. Closing the door after entering can prevent it from escaping, but all in the room will be exposed to AoE fire attacks.