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Marcus is a merchant who is found on the first floor of the Sea's Bounty Tavern, once the task of retrieving some documents from him is given to you by Edwin during the side quest Find Proof of Mae'Var's Treachery. You can pay the man to receive the documents (or sweet talk him if you're a female), pickpocket him, bully him, or kill him (which can be done "legitimately" or in cold blood).

Some of these options are based upon his reaction to your strength and charisma, just your charisma, or your strength and dexterity.

Mod content[]

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"Stop bothering me, I've important business to conduct."

1- Those documents... hand them over now or else!
(Strength ≥ 17 & Charisma ≥ 13)
"Ah! Ah, oh, er... take them! Take them and leave me be!"
(Strength ≤ 16 & Charisma ≤ 12)
"Oh, get over yourself. I've been threatened by far better than you. Hmph!"
2- You have some documents I wish to... purchase.
(Charisma ≥ 11)
"Hmmm. Perhaps... I might be able to part with them. Providing you pay me more than I'm making with this deal. 250 gold ought to cover it, eh?"
2a-Very well. 250 gold for those documents.
" Deal. Here you go. Now excuse me..."
(Charisma ≥ 16)
2b- How about 200 gold and we call it even?
" Deal. Here you go. Now excuse me..."
(Female (human, elf or half-elf) & Charisma ≥ 17)
2c- Oh? Are you sure a lovely man like yourself wouldn't... do a woman like me a little favor, hmmm?
"*gulp* Ah... er, certainly..."
2d- I don't have that much on me, I'm afraid.
"Then begone."
3- You have some documents I wish to... purchase.
(Charisma ≤ 10)
"Hah! These are more important than anything *you* could offer."

If your: (Dexterity ≥ 18 & Strength ≥ 15)

4- Oh, sorry... you've got something on your neck... (Snap his neck quickly and quietly.)

If you attempt to talk to Marcus after you have pickpocketed the item:

"Stop bothering me, I've important... wait! Where are my papers?! I must have left them... Oh no!"