Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Manor House is the large home of noble's located in the northeast area of Nashkel. The front door is locked.(30) There is nothing to do here except loot the house of its belongings.

Ground Floor[]

The ground floor is populated by the owner and his wife. Neither carries any pickpocket items and charming them reveals no useful information.

The console table in the foyer is locked(40) and contains 35gp. The four bookcases against the wall contain copies of the History of the Bell in the Depths, History of the Chosen of Mystra, and History of Tethyr. The three bookcases in the small office contain a scroll of Chill Touch, Magic Missile, and Shield along with copies of the History of Shadowdale XII and History of Shadowdale XIII.

Second Floor[]

On the second floor you can speak to Samantha for information on the mines or if you want to meet her boyfriend Jamie. The Noblewoman carries nothing.

The desk by the stairs is locked(60) and contains 9gp and a copy of the History of Shadowdale IX. The chest of drawers near the doorway in Samantha's bedroom is unlocked and contains 20gp and a Potion of Invisibility. The chest of drawers near the bed is locked(60) and contains a Potion of Healing and 33gp.

The bookcases along the outer walls of the floor contains copies of the History of the Last March of the Giants, History of the Moonsea, History of the North I, History of the North II, History of the North III, History of the North IV, History of the North V, History of the North VI, and History of the North VII.


The Manor House and Travenhurst Manor in Beregost use identical interior maps for both floors.