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Malvolio is a local noble who is involved in one of the problem's-to-be-solved cut scenes that take place if Gorion's Ward has met the class qualifications to take on the liberated de'Arnise Keep as a stronghold.

I am a man of affluence, my <PRO_LADYLORD>! I can care very well for Chanelle's needs, and she will have nothing to worry about for her future!

The Maid & Her Suitors[]

A local elven ranger named Jessup (Shadows of Amn) has been courting Chanelle the Maid for quite some time and wants to marry her. However, Malvolio also wants to marry the young lass. Chanelle doesn't seem really enthusiastic about having to marry the smug noble.

Malvolio too has been courting me... although I can't say that I'm all that interested...

— Chanelle

It's up to the protagonist to decide who gets her hand in marriage. Malvolio will provide 500 gp, "as a gift to show how much I am willing to take care of our Chanelle", he adds. Rule in Jessup's favor and the locals are partially mollified. Rule in Malvolio's favor and the locals are horrified.

The cut scene will end and all three will leave and disappear. Chanelle will return to her location on the second floor.


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