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Mairyn is a spirit of the forest for the woodlands of the Temple Ruins area during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. She can only be encountered if Gorion's Ward is a Ranger and has accepted the position of Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills, which begins the Ranger Stronghold Quest.

First Appearance[]

Mairyn will appear during the start of the stronghold quest the first time the protagonist returns to the Umar Hills after accepting Minister Lloyd's offer to become the new Ranger-Protector. Mairyn will implore you to travel to the Temple Ruins and confront Lord Igen Tombelthen, who is destroying the forest in his quest for a hidden cache of mithral. Upon completion of the quest, she will give the party her gratitude and disappear and the party will be rewarded with 21,500 XP.

Last Appearance[]

Mairyn will appear for a final time towards the end of stronghold quest and ask you to help destroy a "witch" who claims to be a being known as the Umar Witch. Upon completing this quest the party is rewarded with +1 Reputation, 26750 XP, and the Moon Dog Figurine.

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