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The Mail of the Dead is magical, but not enchanted armor. Compared to normal Chain Mail, it has an armor class two points lower and weighs 30 lbs less. This item is known as Chainmail +2 in the original Baldur's Gate. Besides existing in the Enhanced Edition as well, it may also be found as starting equipment in Siege of Dragonspear and appears in Baldur's Gate II.


Baldur's Gate[]

  • In Baldur's Gate, it's one the best pieces of equipment for the bard. It can be obtained near Gullykin where a group of four assassins is waiting for your arrival. Molkar will drop this item as loot.

Siege of Dragonspear[]

  • Possible starting equipment

Shadows of Amn[]

  • In Shadows of Amn, this item can be gained very early in the dungeon of Irenicus. Ilyich will drop it when killed.

Throne of Bhaal[]


A mage can make an extremely effective assassin, as Vorusta illustrated over 400 years ago. He would create skeleton warriors equipped with this enchanted armor and a powerful blade, and give their circlet of power to the target as a friendly gift. When the killing machine was through with its work, Vorusta retrieved the equipment and started the process over.

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