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Madeen has a message from Tolgerias for Gorion's Ward

Madeen is peasant standing just outside the Council of Six Building in the Government District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

"Be merry, friend!"

He will automatically initiate dialog as soon as a party member comes into sight.

"Greetings. You are known to me. Or your deeds are known to those I serve. I think I should introduce myself. I am Madeen. I represent one of the masters of the Athkatla order of the Cowled Wizards. He seeks to employ you in a matter of some urgency."

Madeen explains that he is an agent for his master, a Cowled Wizard. Your first available response is to ask about Imoen, however he does "not know anything about that. I represent one of the wizards, as I said, a Master Tolgerias. Perhaps you could speak to him of this Imoen?"

When asked about the nature of the mission, he says he has "little knowledge" of it, only that "the matter is most sensitive." Asking about its reward, he says only that "a Cowled Wizard possesses resources to offer great rewards." Replying that you have no time or inclination to speak to his master, Madeen says that he will be right here if you change your mind.

"As you wish. The one I represent is most insistent that only the most able be brought to perform this task. Should you change your mind you will find me here. Until then, my friend, I wish you a most pleasant journey."

Asking how you might meet this Tolgerias results in a Journal Update, and the following response from Madeen: "He will be most pleased. Master Tolgerias can be found in the government building behind may go within. Do not tarry overlong, my friend."

Journal Update: "A man by the name of Madeen has told me of a Cowled Wizard who wishes to hire someone to perform a service for him. The wizard's name is Tolgerias, and he can be found in the main government building in the Government District."

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