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Madame Nin is found in the back rooms of the Copper Coronet, managing her small brothel and giving Lehtinan a cut of the proceeds.

Greetings, my <LADYLORD>. I am Madame Nin, and I am here to ensure you are pleasantly accompanied. Are you interested in companionship, my <LADYLORD>?

— Madame Nin


Speaking with the madam will introduce the party to potentially hiring an "escort" for the night, in one of the back rooms of naughtiness.

The party member speaking to Madame Nin is taken into account, as the gender, race and Romance status of the party member is considered in the potential companion choice. Also, having enough gold to pay for the fee is looked at in the party's purse. If the party is bumming around with less than 50 GP, no deal will be made.

Some party members will actively refuse this offer, such as Keldorn, Minsc or Anomen, due to their piety or scruples.

Other party members will also prevent the main character from accepting the offer, such as Jaheira, Aerie, Anaomen or Viconia - that is, if a budding Romance is active.

Interestingly, Edwina will gladly accept and hire a young male lover.

The offered choice of escort companion is based on several factors - but typically it will be Cominda for a male, Jenthan for a female, Kerstia for a male halfling, dwarf or gnome, and also, the script checks for whether a current escort is already hired and in a room with a client.

Inside one of her rooms with a escort named Virah, Yoshimo will recognize the "Peasant" as a Lord Havrelock, although Madame Nin will tell you to leave for bothering clientele and threaten to call the guards.

After the completion of the Free Hendak and the slaves quest, Madam Nin leaves the Copper Coronet permanently. Her business arrangement with Lehtinan is no longer viable. Her slave escorts are abandoned in the Copper Coronet, and there is a new arrangement with Hendak regarding their status at the Copper Coronet.

She carries some valuable jewelry which can be pickpocketed.


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