Baldur's Gate Wiki

MUMMYW.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by various Mummy creatures. It is placed in one of the creature's "Quick Weapon" slots.

It is considered a non-magical and Unenchanted item and deals 1d12 Crushing damage (adjusted by Strength modifier), with a range of one foot, and speed factor of 3.

It has the ability to inflict a damage dealing Disease effect on a successful strike on the target.

The target must save vs. Death or a disease effect will be applied. The disease lasts for 30 seconds (5 rounds) and applies 1 Poison damage damage per second until the disease expires or is cured. The target's portrait will display a "Nauseated" icon (Icon no. 7) while the disease effect runs its course. This effect can't be blocked by magic resistance or spell level protections and cannot be dispelled.