Baldur's Gate Wiki

MISTWA.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by Wandering Horror creatures.

The attack weapon applies a 2d8 Slashing damage to the target.

The weapon strikes as a +3 enchanted item for the purposes of what it can strike, but the item is also not flagged as magical.

Each hit on a target can apply a Stun effect, but a Saving throw vs. spells will negate. Magic resistance can block the stun.

Additionally, when the weapon makes a successful attack, the target creature has a lighting effect animation played over the creature sprite (even if the saving throw is made). If the target creature is misses the saving throw, then a text string in the combat log displays "Stunned". A "Stun" icon will be placed on the target's portrait as well. If the target is protected against stun, then the text message and icon may not be assigned (it all depends on how the immunity effect item or spell is coded).