Baldur's Gate Wiki

MISTVA.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by Vampiric Mist creatures.

The attack weapon applies a 1d8 Crushing damage or Slashing damage to the target, and the choice is determined by whichever damage type has the most favorable Armor Class rating for the attacker to overcome. If there are no differences between either type, then crushing damage is applied.

The weapon strikes as a +3 enchanted item for the purposes of what it can strike, but the item is also not flagged as magical.

Each hit on a target will heal the attacker's current HP modifier by +4. Each hit has an 18% probability of level draining 1 experience level from the target, no Saving throw and no resistance applies.

Additionally, when the weapon makes a successful attack, the wielder has a lighting effect animation played over the creature sprite (signifying the healing effect). If the target creature is struck and the level drain effect probability triggers, then a different lighting effect plays over the target creature's sprite (even if they are protected from level drain effects).