Baldur's Gate Wiki

MISTPOE.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by various creatures such as the Poison Mist.

It is considered a magical and +3 enchanted item and deals 1d2 Slashing damage as well as an additional 1d10 Poison damage.

The attack has a range of one foot, and speed factor of 1.

A successful attack exposes the target to a Poison effect lasting 5 seconds, unless a Saving throw vs. Death is achieved with a -2 penalty.

If the saving throw is failed, and the target isn't immune to the Poison status effect or poison damage, then 2 points of damage is incurred each second, for five seconds. Multiple hits are additive to the target. Additionally, the targeted player character/companion will display a "Poisoned" icon on their portrait, as well as a text string reference in the combat log reading "Poisoned".

The effect can't be blocked by Magic resistance and will bypass Power level spell protection such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Spell Turning.

The poisoned condition can't be removed with a Dispel Magic effect.

Regardless of if the saving throw is made, a hit will play a lighting effect over the target's sprite.

It has no other effects.