Baldur's Gate Wiki

MISTHO.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by Mist Horror and Swamp Horror creatures.

The attack weapon applies a 2d8 Slashing damage or 2d8 Crushing damage to the target. Damage type selected based on AC of the target (whichever is most favorable to attacker).

An additional 1d8 Cold damage is inflicted as well. This is elemental damage that is unaffected by Magic resistance or Power level spell protections.

The weapon strikes as a +3 enchanted item for the purposes of what it can strike, but the item is also not flagged as magical.

Each hit by this item has a 30% probability of exposing the target to a Panic effect and a -10 Morale modifier lasting 5 rounds. A Saving throw versus spells with a -2 penalty will negate. The effects can be blocked by magic resistance but are unaffected by spell protections such as Spell Deflection. These negative status effects can be dispelled.

Additionally, when the weapon makes a successful attack, the target creature has a lighting effect animation played over the creature sprite on any hit. If the target creature is misses the saving throw, then a Panic icon will be displayed in the character's portrait for the duration of the effects.