Baldur's Gate Wiki

MINDFLAY.ITM is an undroppable weapon used by Mind Flayers, (typically equipped in the Quick Weapon 1 slot).


It is considered a magical weapon with an enchantment level of 2. It only deals 1d2 (crushing) damage (no Strength bonus), with a range of one foot, and speed factor of 0.

However, on each successful hit upon any target, five points of Intelligence are Drained. The attack bypasses magic resistance, offers no saving throw, and the effect cannot be dispelled. The effect last for 30 seconds, however, successive hits are cumulative. If the target's intelligence is drained to 0 or less, instant death results.

The player will know if a character is under the effect in two ways:

  1. An overhead and/or status message will read: "Devour brain"
  2. The character's Portrait will have an Icon Overlay Intelligence drained by Mind Flayer, and "Intelligence drained by Mind Flayer" will show in the character portrait screen. For reference purposes, this is icon number 86.