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MAGE01.ITM is an undroppable Ring of Invisibility equipped to various NPCs in the Baldur's Gate series.

Its player-accessible version is Mage05.itm.


Its single effect is Invisibility (Opcode 20), on the wearer, of type "Normal" (i.e., not Improved Invisibility). It can be dispelled and does not bypass resistance. The actual result of a creature wearing this ring will provide the creature with invisibility at the start of any potential conflict, without having to cast a spell or otherwise initiate some kind of ability to attain invisibility. Once the creature performs an action that breaks the invisibility, the item will not function again. This item is designed for opponents or to shield a sprite from view in the game. Further attempts at invisibility by that creature will be scripted or performed by spell cast or item use (such as a potion).

Note that some creatures that are always invisible, such as the Invisible Stalker use this item to attain invisibility at the outset of combat only. Within the actual creature file are additional invisibility Opcode assignments to retain the invisibility even if they perform an invisibility breaking action, and to ensure that it cannot be dispelled.


There are many creatures that equip this ring. Notable NPCs include:


  • Unlike the Sandthief's Ring, it does not seem to have a set or maximum amount of charges.