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Lunar Stance is an innate spell ability that is cast upon self. It is available to Balthazar in the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal game versions. This ability is just one of several other unique abilities that the bhaalspawn has under his repertoire.


The ability is scripted for use by the monk when under control of the AI, or even if he is an allied creature helping the party (which can occur in the Ascension mod).

The Lunar Stance innate spell provides certain protections for the duration of the spell effect. It cannot be dispelled or removed.

This ability bestows the following immunities:

Additionally, the Lunar Stance provides a 5-point bonus to Saving throw versus Death and 20-point bonus to current hit points.

When the ability is cast, a sound effect plays, a color fade effect is visible over the user, and the portrait displays an Icon (No. 155) "Avoid Death".