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When a wizard casts Lower Resistance upon a target creature, he lower's the Magic Resistance of the creature by 10% + 1% per level of the wizard.


When cast upon a target creature, this spell will lower the Magic Resistance of this creature by 10% + 1% per level of the caster. There is no Saving Throw and the target's Magic Resistance, if any, does not affect this spell. For example, if a creature has 60% Magic Resistance and this spell is cast on it by a 15th-level Mage, then the target's Magic Resistance would be lowered by 25% automatically. This effect is cumulative for each casting of this spell: If Lower Resistance was cast upon the same creature again, the creature's Magic Resistance would be 60% - 25% (initial casting) - 25% (current casting) which would leave the creature with 10% Magic Resistance. This spell will last until its duration expires and cannot be dispelled, even by Dispel Magic.

— Lower Resistance


The caster directs this spell at a single creature as a target. Once the spell casting is finished, a projectile (No. 221) travels toward the target up to 40' from the caster.

When the projectile arrives at the target, a Magic Attack type 3D animation graphic plays over the target sprite, as well as a brief RGB color glow. The combat screen displays "Magic resistance lowered" text string message. A sound effect will also audible.

The target's magic resistance will be lowered by the percentage amount indicated in the description above, lasting for at least nine rounds (and longer depending on the caster's level). A target with no magic resistance will not have a "negative" magic resistance rating. Zero is as low as it can go.

The spell can target invisible, hidden or sanctuaried creatures.

The spell ignores illusionary defenses such as Reflected Image and Mirror Image.

Spell Immunity abjuration doesn't affect this spell.

The spell is flagged as a "Hostile" spell.

Higher-level wizard spells that also lower magic resistance are Pierce Magic and Pierce Shield.

As it is of the magic attack type, this spell can only be stopped by Spell Shield or by level-based immunities (Potion of Magic Blocking, innate resistance of Lich enemies to level 5 spells and lower). There are no other protection measures (except for the usual ones like full invisibility etc.).

In some cases (like when facing dragons) lower-level parties are actually better off using Magic Resistance, a priest spell, on enemies. Like Lower Resistance, it allows no saving throw, but sets MR to (caster level)*2%. Thus a level 12 cleric will set the dragon's MR to 24%, while Lower Resistance from a caster of the same level will lower its MR by -22%. Now, if that dragon has 60% MR it's obvious that 24%<(60%-22%) and thus Magic Resistance is the clear winner. Keep in mind however, that Magic Resistance is a touch spell with the highest possible casting time (9), which makes it difficult to apply it on enemies, whereas Lower Resistance has maximum range and a shorter casting time.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

The Black Pits[]

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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]

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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal[]

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Spell Revisions mod has changed this arcane spell, revising its school, effects, duration and description. See below:

Lower Resistance
Level: 5
School: Alteration
Range: Long
Duration: 1 round/level
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: None

When cast upon a target creature, this spell will lower their magic resistance by 2% per level of the caster (up to a maximum of 40% at 20th level). There is no saving throw vs. this spell and magic resistance is ignored. This spell is not affected by dispel magic. Once it has been cast, there is no way to cancel the effects until the spell expires. For example, if a creature has 50% magic resistance and this spell is cast on it by a 15th level mage, then its magic resistance would be lowered by 30% automatically. This effect is cumulative for each casting of this spell. If this spell was cast upon this same creature again, the creature’s magic resistance would be 50% - 30% (initial casting) - 30% (current casting) which would leave the creature with 0% magic resistance after both spells have been cast.