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Lower Fire Resistance is an innate spell effect available to some dragons in the game saga, such as Firkraag and Saladrex, and a few others. This innate ability is initiated via internal creature scripting during combat. The purpose of the spell is to reduce the enemy's resistance to Fire damage for a limited time, making them vulnerable the Red Dragon Breath attack.


The spell effect is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. The scripted targeting will fire over a selected target area, and all creatures in the area of effect (except for the caster and caster allies) are subject to the effects. The spell reduces fire resistance by -50% with a duration of 6 rounds (36 seconds). A Saving throw vs. Spell with a -3 penalty will negate.

If the saving throw is missed, then any creature who is affected will have a short animation spell effect graphic played over the figure, as well as an audible sound effect. However, there is no text message displayed. The animation is the blue SHAIR graphic (similar to the one seen if you are struck by a vampire and level drained).


  • If affected by the Lower Fire Resistance innate spell, then any fire resistance currently accrued or present on the creature will drop by -50%. If the creature had no fire resistance, then their resistance will be an actual negative 50% (meaning that +50% more fire damage will be incurred). This spell can't be blocked by magic resistance or spell level protections (such as Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Turning). Even a Protection From Magic scroll will not touch the innate effect. The Lower Fire Resistance can't be dispelled or removed before it expires.
  • The effect can be mitigated by boosting fire resistance immediately after the spell effect takes place. This can be accomplished in several ways, such as quaffing a Potion of Fire Resistance or re equipping the Batalista's Passport ring, etc.
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     As this Lower Fire Resistance ability has an area of effect, a Reflected Image or Mirror Image illusion won't interact with the spell and offers no protection/decoy capability in Enhanced Edition.