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Loren is a boy in Trademeet who is a descendant of Marek who founded the Druid Grove.

Who're you?


He is being tormented by 'voices' in his mind caused by a spirit of chaos - an evil influence that the Spirit of the Grove wishes removed from the boy's mind, and then destroyed to restore the natural balance.

As part of the Druid Stronghold quest, the party druid will be directed by the Spirit of the Grove to assist Loren expel the evil spirit of Chaos. The party must force the spirit to reveal its true essence, and then destroy its physical form.

Upon first speaking to Loren, he asks,

"Are you the one who has come to... to kill me? I hear you... whispering all the time. I just want it to stop! I want it all to stop!!"

The player must exorcise the evil spirit to face you in more than a battle of wills. If Chaos has been defeated, Loren will remark:

"I have spoken with... the Spirit. I want to become a druid, I guess. It said that I will protect the Grove when you have moved on.... that I have a destiny, here."

Related Quests[]


  • While the druid quest is active, Loren (DRSHLO01.CRE) is equipped with the MinHP1 Amulet which prevents his death.


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