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Lord Milsire Donderbeg is one of the guests who attends Lord de'Arnise's funeral in the Athkatla Graveyard district. He will make small talk with Nalia in regards to her father's integrity.


Strange that more have not come to the funeral, though the market has fluctuated lately and many nobles are absorbed in their figures and books.

I would have hoped they could have made time.

Oh, Nalia, I quite agree. He may not have been the most cutthroat of businessmen, but your father deserved respect.

Thank you for that, Lord Donderbeg.

My pleasure, my dear, though the honor to say such is mine. I hope I can aspire to gauge my integrity by comparison to your father's.

You always were one of the more understanding of father's friends.

I thank you, my dear. Now go, and don't let the dark cloud above this place seep into your heart.


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