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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with Lord Ketlaar Argrim (Fighter).


Lord Ketlaar Argrim, Nobleman - portrait from the PPE Mod

Lord Ketlaar Argrim is a nobleman and Head of the Argrim Family during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. He can be found standing with two of his Bodyguards in the Council of Six building in Athkatla's Government District.

I'll heed no churlishness, peasant!

Talking to Lord Argim brings out the following information.

"My family is one of the wealthiest in Athkatla...we have interests in the gold mines up north and the shipwrights here in the city. So I will thank you not to stand too close..."

"I'm having a difficulty with the workers at one of our gold mines, and I'm not leaving until I speak to a Councilor about it."

"I don't suppose you're from one of the mercantile companies, are you? No...I didn't think so."

"If you ever travel to Riatavin or Trademeet, my friend, beware of the Copriths. That family will be the ruin of Amn, I swear by Helm's beard!"


  • With Cernd in the party, he might say: "(sniff)  I didn't realize they let wilderness erudites in here without hosing them down, first."
  • With Aerie in the party, he might say: "Hmm... hmmn.  Yes, you'll do.  You... the pretty elf, there.  I need a new mistress, and I think you'll do nicely."