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Lord Igen Tombelthen is found in the Temple Ruins area during the Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills ranger stronghold questline. He's looking for a stash of mithral hidden in the area by an ancestor of his named Idras Tombelthen. He's got his crew cutting down trees and tearing up the land looking for this hidden stash.

The Lord is guarded by his trusted mage, Tamorlin, a conjurer. If desired the party may speak with the wizard.

When confronted by Gorion's Ward, Lord Tombelthen is gruff and somewhat rude in his reply's but he'll come around and give the party a chance to search for the hidden stash. When the party returns with the Mithral Medallion and the accompanying note, he'll take the note and offer a sum of 1000 gp for the necklace.

It is also possible to battle the noble and his compatriots if you wish and plenty of opportunities are available during the dialogue to choose the path of confrontation.

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