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Don't touch me! I might catch something

Lord Foreshadow is an NPC that foreshadows the events of Shadows of Amn if option 3 is chosen, or Neverwinter Nights if option 1 or 2 is chosen – another BioWare project, unrelated to Baldur's Gate but also set in the Forgotten Realms. Neverwinter Nights was released in 2002, the year after the Throne of Bhaal expansion.

Killing him results in reputation loss. He talks to you upon sight and disappears after the dialogue, no matter which option is chosen.


"Well, don't you just add to the local color? Quite the smashing bit of dress you wear there. I'll have to look into such sundries when I next attend one of Lord Ribald's full dress costume affairs. I'd be the talk of Neverwinter, I would."

  • 1-Am I to understand that you are from that faraway city?
Oh, I actually hail from Waterdeep. The great City of Splendors has much more in the manner of social luxuries suited towards my particular tastes. I do, however, make a point of keeping in touch with Neverwinter, though I have only visited once previously. It was quite popular in those nights, if I recall correctly. I'm going to make a second trip in the coming year, and I'll wager it will be as popular again.
  • 2-Bah! I have heard of such a city, but I have my doubts as to whether it even exists!
Perhaps not yet, but soon.
  • 3-I am unconcerned with such things. Do you have any information about the area south of here?
I suppose you are asking of the immediate south, such as Nashkel and its mines? Unfortunately, no, I have spent no time there. I have busied myself with destinations more distant and have traveled to the great city of Athkatla on one occasion or another. You should really consider visiting there sometimes. 'Tis likely to be very popular in the future. None of this helps you now, of course. Cheerio.