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Lord Farthington Roenall is a wealthy and respected noble with an estate in the Athkatla Government district.

What is going on here? Who are these...? Oh, hello Nalia. My deepest sympathies to you this day. Your father was a fine man.

— At Nalia's Father funeral.


Note:There are two different creature files for the same character in the game. The first is for Nalia's funeral, and the second is for the Fighter Stronghold. They also have a different appearance.

His first appearance is in the graveyard district during the funeral for Nalia de'Arnise's father following the liberation of the De'Arnise Keep. He appears as a nobleman and will make brief small talk with Nalia. He'll also briefly interjects during the conversation between his son Isaea and Nalia, all the while speaking in a manner that bespoke the enervated language of nobility. Harming him during the event will result in a loss of reputation.

The next time he appears is during the Ruling the de'Arnise Keep and Lands stronghold quest. Now he's a level 16 fighter and his manners and language are all business. He demands that Gorion's Ward relinquish all control over the keep and its surrounding lands. If there is resistance to this request, then he returns in a couple of weeks with his soldiers to claim the keep by force. Killing him will not affect your reputation.


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