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The Lonely Peaks Cave is located in the Lonely Peaks area. The entrance can be found in the middle mountain peak, which is also the smallest of the three peaks that are situated across the northern half of the area. The entrance faces south towards the spot where the nearby Water Opal is hidden under a rock.

Inside the cave there is an ettercap, a chest, and a trap on the ground that triggers a web. The chest is unlocked and contains a Bloodstone Amulet, a Murky Oil of Speed and a Potion of Fire Resistance.

Note: It is possible to safely rest in this cave.

Walkthrough (community)[]

Lonely Peaks generic cave trap

Floor trap

Supreme caution is recommended before entering the cave as a floor trap is located underneath the spot where you enter the cave and any movement from that spot will set it off. It is advisable to send in your trap removal expert alone to disarm the trap(Disarm: 10) without alerting the ettercap that awaits further inside. Once the trap is disarmed, your inside character can bait the creature outside where the rest of the party can safely dispose of the menace.