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Little Wanderer is a dog that may be encountered in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


If Gorion's Ward interacts correctly with the Old Well, this Lassie-parody may show up and trigger a variety of (mostly) humorous responses from party members.


Despite its diminutive dimensions, the dog has a dauntless demeanor. I daresay it would have distinguished itself in my pit of peril.

— Baeloth Barrityl

What is it, boy? Do you want the chicken for dinner? We should let him take it. He looks hungry.

— Schael Corwin

That dog's constant yapping grates on me. Begone, cur!

— Dorn Il-Khan

Chicken feathers are used in a spell to make thee as light as down. Thou hast never fallen from a cliff in all the time I have known thee, so I have not bothered memorizing it.

— Dynaheir

My cousin Rhonda got stuck in a well for the better part of a year once. Well, she SAID she was stuck. I think she just liked the attention.

— Glint Gardnersonson

That is not a natural environment for a chicken, <CHARNAME>. Unless it is a Lantan well-chicken. But I do not think it is.

— Jaheira

That d-dog looks like he's been traveling for some time. Maybe tomorrow he'll want to settle down?

— Khalid

Thirty-two of my clan died trying to get a chicken from a well. One climbed down and drowned. One went to get the first one out. He drowned. Another went in, drowned. The next fell in, broke his neck, and drowned. And the next, and then another, on and on. They should've stopped after the chicken drowned. You can always tell a goblin, but you can't tell him much.

— M'Khiin Grubdoubler

What is that, puppy? Is there someone trapped in the well? But Boo says no, there is only a chicken, and Minsc should not listen to strange animals. Ha! Boo is wise.

— Minsc

In the monastery, we had a joke. "Why did the chicken cross the road? To bathe in Selûne's light, which was illuminating the other side of the road!" Perhaps you had to be there.

— Rasaad yn Bashir

Are we making chicken soup now? Let's throw some thyme into the well while we're at it, maybe a bay leaf and some carrots.

— Safana

I never ate chicken until I left the Underdark. It tastes very similar to cockatrice.

— Viconia DeVir

Ah, the mighty chicken. Brave avian, so fierce and tasty! Let it go free, I say, to fly home and make its nest. Or maybe make it our dinner. Mm, the last one. Let's do that, ja? All this talking makes my belly grumble.

— Voghiln

Edwin Odesseiron does not have a response.