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Oh, Jan! I've missed you. I wish I'd known you were coming today. I would have prepared a meal for you and your companions. I'm an awful mess.

— Lissa

Lissa is Jan's former lover and can be found inside the second floor of The Jansen Home. Lissa is Jaella's mother, and the small girl is ill with some kind of unknown affliction, keeping her bed bound, unresponsive, and the poor girl won't east anything.


When Jan first enters the home as part of the Jan Jansen Summoned Home quest, Ma Jansen will have some dialogue with her son, and also not be completely happy to see Jan's new companions, the party. Ma let's Jan know that Lissa, upstairs, need to speak with him. Something is up, requiring Jan's attention.

Jan and the party go upstairs to see Lissa, and a warm greeting takes place, showing Jan's remaining affection for Lissa from times prior to her marriage to Vaelag. Lissa explains that Jaella is ill, and she is concerned, and needs Jan to try and find out if she can be cured.

Jan remains with Lissa, and if the party agrees to help, will perform several actions as part of the Jan Jansen Summoned Home quest. If the mission is successful, Lissa will have further dialogue and a role to play regarding Vaelag.

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