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The Lion's Way, also known as the Way of the Lion or Candlekeep Coastway, is the name given to the path that leads from the coast to Candlekeep.


Having left Candlekeep at the end of the Prologue – for Gorion's and his foster-child's "safety, and for that of [their] friends [there]",[2] and for being "far safer on the move"[3] – the Ward's first steps out of the Keep onto the Coastway prove Gorion wrong: while it has become night, the two are ambushed by a powerful armored figure and some accomplices. Demanding his ward to flee, Gorion fights his last battle, causing enough trouble to secure the former's safety but finally being murdered. So begins Chapter One

Imoen (Chapter One) BG1EE

The morning after these events holds a surpise: Imoen approaches Gorion's Ward, having left Candlekeep out of boredom in the first but now having become witness of what seemed to be a horrible dream. And she's not willing to "let a friend down," becoming the Ward's first companion, no matter what they say.[4]

Go to the Friendly Arm Inn (Gorion)

After collecting Gorion's effects from the ambush site – with Gorion's Scroll amongst them, a letter from an obscure "E" –, a typical wilderness awaits, with black bears, wolves of all sorts, gibberlings of the diseased kind, and the occasional wanderer and messenger. The path between ambush site and road is relatively safe, as is the road itself – which leads east. Following it, two further characters offer their companionship, Xzar and Montaron.

Important Events[]

With Gorion slain, I must continue onward by myself. My first destination should be the Friendly Arm Inn to the north. Gorion claims that his former associates Khalid and Jaheira will be there waiting for me.

— Journal: Important Events

Leaving the Lion's Way to the east will bring the party closer to the Friendly Arm, and the next important event will happen when finally reaching the inn, but it is also possible to take another direction: skipping Jaheira and Khalid and heading south. In that case, Important Events will be updated when arriving at the Nashkel areas.

Other quests[]


Xzar and Montaron BG1EE


  • Imoen joins your party here, and you may wish to invite Montaron and Xzar as well. They are a rather tedious pair, but unpleasant company is preferable to death on the road. Thinking about that … Kolssed (see below) will react differently when met with those two already in the party.



There is an enemy-free "corridor" from the spot where you wake up to the site of the ambush, and the road itself is quite safe. Further exploration of the area is safer once Khalid and Jaheira have been recruited in The Friendly Arm.

Dread Wolves possibly spawn only if you return here with a higher-level party. Black Bears and Dire Wolves are deadly enough for a starting party. The good news on Black Bears is that they generally won't go hostile if you walk by quickly at a respectful distance. The bad news is that they are very persistent if they go hostile, and you can't outrun them as you can many enemies.

Rest here is interrupted about 1/3 of the time by one or more Diseased Gibberlings; one if the party is just the Gorion's Ward and Imoen, two if Montaron and Xzar are also in the party.

Notable loot[]

Lion's Way Detail BG1EE




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Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep Coastway - Part 2

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